View Full Version : NO MORE PRUNING GUYS!

11-29-1999, 06:51 AM
The new forum layout makes it possible for the topics (old and new) to be browsed much faster and in a much neater fashion than it could be before.

So for all intensive purposes, pruning really isn't needed anymore (but it's nice to have the option, just in case).

My advice to other moderators/admins out there, DON'T PRUNE ANY OF THE FORUMS UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO BY ANOTHER ADMIN!

I talked to Aristotle, and he said he didn't want anyone pruning the forums for the time being, so I'm going to uphold his decision.

On the subject of little used forums, although I have often railed on about forums that recieve few posts, I will say this:

Some forums may appear "dead" for a few weeks, then "make a comeback" with posts, so we shouldn't remove any out of hand, unless there is a consensus that nobody is going to post there anymore.