View Full Version : Saber colour script help???

06-22-2002, 09:29 PM
set col "col1"
set col1 "color1 0; set col col2"
set col2 "color1 1; set col col3"
set col3 "color1 2; set col col4"
set col4 "color1 3; set col col5"
set col5 "color1 4; set col col6"
set col6 "color1 5; set col col1"

bind key "col"

thats what I have so far... why does it refuse to work?

06-23-2002, 05:30 AM
Try this instead:

open notepad then type:

//Start Script
set s_color0 "color1 0; bind pgdn vstr s_color1"
set s_color1 "color1 1; bind pgdn vstr s_color2"
set s_color2 "color1 2; bind pgdn vstr s_color3"
set s_color3 "color1 3; bind pgdn vstr s_color4"
set s_color4 "color1 4; bind pgdn vstr s_color5"
set s_color5 "color1 5; bind pgdn vstr s_color6"
set s_color6 "color1 6; bind pgdn vstr s_color0"
bind pgdn vstr s_color0
//End script

then save as colors.cfg
Place it in your BASE dir
Ingame open console the type exec colors.cfg then press Page Down to cycle colors

Hope that helps