View Full Version : Double sabers idea...

06-22-2002, 11:31 PM
Well i though about it and this may be possible.

Since the Tavion and Desann stance both only use 1 hand wouldn't it be possible to use a saber in the other one. If this is possible can someone make it???

Then another thing, i like both the fanmod and the jedi moves mod. But can these be combined into 1 mod?

And i would change this *concerning the jedi moves mod* => instead of changing roll in cartwheel i would change it with the side jump. Why because the side jump has 3 animations.
1st: just jump => this one doesn't look nice change it into this :)
2nd: superman kinda jump
3rd: the flip side jump

Then i would make the back roll into the butterfly or maybe a combination of 2 buttons. (each side => right, left, forward, backward butterfly) if this is possible.

I like the evade function that the fanmod has. And the double bladed saber. But could you make an icon for them in the player sheet??

That's all hope this is possible ... then it would be a super mod (like cs for half-life).