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06-23-2002, 07:11 AM
I've read through 2 different Skinning Tutorials and tried to edit a Shadowtrooper skin, and everytime the skin is invisible in the game. I havn't messed with the .jpg file's in any way, and I am sure I did everything right. Of course there's something wrong if I can't see it though :)

It was my first time to ever try something like this, so if anyone knows whats wrong or has had the same problem I'd appreciate some feedback. (Or flames)

-RedX The Cyborg

06-23-2002, 02:45 PM
I think the usual cause of this kind of problem is problems in your .skin file(s). Make sure they're pointing to the right images, and the spelling is all correct.

06-24-2002, 12:51 AM
can u tell me wer u got those tutorials from, ive read the one that comes wiv the jk2 editing kit, but ineed tutorials on actually how 2 skin!!!

hope u can help, craig xx