View Full Version : how do i get the 4 other saber stances in SP to work in MP?!

Static Saber
06-23-2002, 08:44 AM
i found 4 other saber stances in SP setforceall 100 but when i use the code in MP it dosn't work dose anybody know of a mod or code or something?!?!

06-23-2002, 09:05 AM
Umm, there is only a total of 5 saber stances. The three you can always use (unless you didn't know how to change your saber stance before), plus Tavion's one-handed fast style and Desann's one-handed strong style. I can even tell you which slots they fall into, so that they cycle the way they do:

1)2-handed fast (blue)
2)medium (yellow)
3)2-handed strong (red)
4)1-handed strong (red2)
5)1-handed fast (blue2)

You get them (in order of force rank):
2, 1, 3, 4, 5

but when you cycle through them, they are divided up by blue, yellow, then red (because you see them in order of 5, 1, 2, 3, 4)

And unfortunatly, no, they are not available in MP, not without some coding, that I do not know how to implement yet. I have made a mod that switches the 1-handed and 2-handed saber styles, however, so that you can use them in MP.

06-23-2002, 10:23 AM
I would like to see a mod that imports all the SP animations for all five stances into MP & allows you to choose from any of the five stances. I have been trying to figure out how to assign each stance its own key so you don't have to toggle through them all. Any ideas?

06-23-2002, 12:23 PM
I've seen your post over at the coding section, and yeah, that's a coding issue. As it is, the stance switch is just a toggle; you'd have to set each stance to a defined name before you could bind them. Sometimes the people over at coding don't care to bother themselves with answering questions, I think.

As far as the stances themselves go, that again is a coding issue. You would have to write it so that your character could have force level 5 saber attack to get all the stances.