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06-23-2002, 10:57 AM
I would like to make A Single player map or Map's
But I need a Story then I will build from there..

Try to keep it In door (making outdoor Detail is hard and Time consuming)

Also anyone know some Real Good Obi Wan Episode 1 Skinns or Models? and where can I get it? and I mean with a Nice robe the others seem to Bright or too badly textured..

Thank you!

06-23-2002, 11:06 AM
theres some kewl new models out

if i wasnt doing my tavion levels i would use that new chewbacca model to make a level about a jedi wookie (whats that ones name out of the NJO?) releasing slaves from the empire


06-23-2002, 11:09 AM
Patchx I loved your Tavion level its one of the best most Detailed ones ive seen Player made Great Job!
and the Fights with the Jedi Where Unique not like 5 Reborn comin at you at a time you know :)

I hope to see more of your levels!

I am a Newbie at Radiant but have past Experience with Worldcraft... a little :P

06-23-2002, 01:18 PM

Common Guys I really would like some More Map Ideas I know you have them!

Patch I like your Idea of a Wookie Jedi
but im not really into the Wookie kind of thing.. ;)

Either like Bounty Hunter Style, Jedi, Dark Jedi,

I wonder if this is In Wrong thread..

06-23-2002, 01:32 PM
glad u liked my level

i think that sp maps using kyle are boring so my suggestion would be to look through all the custom skins and models that are available and when u see one that you think is kewl stop and think about the character and what would be a cool story for them to be involved in and then make it a level


06-23-2002, 03:02 PM
Well, outdoor detail isn't hard! Just don't make it so big, like I did..lol...i'm actually changing my Marshlands to a cliff base with a smaller outdoor area... because I just got some new ideas, so I'm changing my level again.

My story is the the remnant are no bigger than a thursday night bowling league ( j/k), they are just in rough shape! REALLY!
My level is set on a rainy Outer Tip ( outer rim is too upper class for them) planet. Kyle is sent to investigate possible smuggler activity but finds the Remnant and pirates in business together.
I'll probably use some Nar Shadda elements ( people, cargo containers ect) in my map but limited....
Or, I was going to have kyle infiltrate said base because the remenant has hidden the only copy of the entire catalog of German metal band Helloween in the universe on their computer core. Kyle must download the data and escape so the rebellion could listen in awe of germany's finest metal band!! lol.. i'm sticking to the smugler idea though!!

Kyle is not a Jedi Master, but only a learner in my level. He'll have basic push, pull and jump...thats it!! I may even have this a non saber level... oh heavens yes!
here are some map scene ideas for you!

I might not make my giant reactor anymore, so why not try one of those! My idea was jsut a big open underground cave. suspended in the middle was a reactor with pipes leading in and out. It was suspended from the roof by 4 giant columns stuck into the top sides of the reactor. I actually made it out of all 8 sided brushes and pipes, used some textures from Imperial Mine to make it look weathered....
I had a walkway going out and around it where the controls would have been, and was thinking of having an elevator to the bottom of the reactor to a narrow control area. below this would be a huge pit, with fog...just too look neat...

Another idea i had that i may still use is a cable car system. Kinda like in the movie Where EAgles Dare... I may still make it, err try it...but I may not... It worked cool in Red Faction, but it went across a canyon, it didn't go from higher to lower... its still a neat idea....and i'll make it in my level...the Red Faction version.... Why not try that!!

You can always make a hangar. Have some Tie Fighters in there..
its always neat to have a hangar that looks cool! maybe you can actually make the Tie pilots barracks or briefing room.

I was thinking of making a break room or personal quaters but am probably just going make the base commanders office... there is an indoor idea for you... how much more indoors can you get than an office!! there are bookshelve textures from nar shadda i believe, the office in the bar.....

You can make a target range where stormtroopers can practice at. Lord knows they NEED the practice..

I was actually thinking of making an Indoor Outdoor area, Kinda like Project Genesis in the Star Trek movie the wrath of Khan i think... They released genesis inside the planet and grew trees and grass and stuff.... this could be where they get there food from...kinda self sustaining imperial base....or rebel base..depending what your making....

who knows, they could be growing and refining drugs to sell and make money with!!! jsut a thought if you don't like the food idea. :) I might even make a small brewery..and they could be bootleggers!!!

Sorry for the humorous take on the Sar Wars universe, but this is how my brain works... I don't care about remaking movie stuff or anything like that... my Pythonesque brain only works 1 way!!!

Anyhow, feel free to use any or all of these ideas in your level !.

06-24-2002, 11:08 AM
what about a geonosis arena level?

Darth Knight
06-24-2002, 11:18 PM
dude you have to do something on kit fisto that would be tight

Wes Marrakesh
06-24-2002, 11:31 PM
Ok... I belive the wookie Jedi you aer talking about is Lowbacca, Chewie's nephew.
Hey, what about an imperial sided SP misson? where you are like a stormtrooper or a reborn?that might be cool
:rolleyes: :D

:lol: joking