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Bobo Fart
06-23-2002, 08:25 PM
Welcome to Saga's Collide.

In this RPG you can play one of the Three Saga's Out...
Bounty Hunter, Jedi Knight and Imperial
Each time i post an Area i will post for each DIFFERENT Saga, then you will play out your characters role for that Saga. slowly but surely your saga's will eventually collide in many different possible ways.

In an Area there are MANY different things to do. I shall play the NPC's. you may do whatever you feel is necesary in that Area with any of the surrounding NPC's or Items, i may announce a speacil event so you cant do everything you wish.

To make a Character put WHAT TYPE OF CHARACTER/SAGA at the top then the Details

~AGE~ (Bounty Hunter 21 - 100000.........)(Jedi Knight 19-50)
(Imperial 25 - 100)
~Race~ (Imperial must be Human, or it may be Droid of some humanoid kind)
~Appearance~ (Bounty Hunter, Armour, Speacial Features and Weapon)(Jedi Knight, Robe Colour, Lightsaber Colour)(Imperial, Basic Human Apperances nothing Speacial)
~Background~ (With reason's for becoming what Saga they are like, Admral Thrawn became imperial because of his father)

SWGC Inspired me to do RPG like this

06-24-2002, 09:51 PM
Sounds great man! I owe since you are in both of my RPGs so... Just kidding! Great idea (Damn! he stole my next RPG!)! I'm glad it was inspired by me (BTW you got a great taste). Cut the bull**** off! lets signup!

NAME Omri Katarn (Jedi Knight)
AGE 19
Race Human
Appearance Robe color: Gray|Saber color: Blue
Personality Like his mother, he hates fighting. Like his father, he loves weapons (I like this combination!). This combination usually gets him into troubles. Very gifted with Mind Trick and the Fast tactic of lightsbaer.
Background Was inspired from his parents (Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors|I'm kinda unique here!) to be a Jedi. Kyle sended him to the Jedi Academy when he was 5, to start his training. at the age of 15 he left the temple to be the padawan of his father. at age 18 designed his own light saber and finished his training. Since then he've been sent to one mission, but nobody knows the details besides of his family and the Jedi Council.

This is a great RPG. Want to make on together sometime?

Bobo Fart
06-25-2002, 08:07 PM
Its good to have sign up :D!
Hey seeing as it is my first RPG mabye you might wanna help out being GM, i aint on the same time asalot of people and your good at GMing RPG'S

Wraith 8
06-25-2002, 08:26 PM
Hmmmm.. this is interesting.
i will try this :D
Now.. uhmm do you wish for us to make 3 different chars?
oh well.. i will anyway :D

Bounty hunter:

Name: Atex Dinn
Age: 21
Race: Human
Appearance: A ver young Bounty Hunter, No armor, Blond hair with Blue Eyes. Grabling hook, poisen darts on his arm. 2 Dl-44 blasters at his side. Doesnt look like a Bounty hunter.
Personality: Ruthless. but in fact very calm. people dont know he is a bounty hunter untill he sais so. they see him as a boy with blasters. but he can be harsh when needed.
Background: Atex was born and raised on Coruscant. he his father died while serving the Empire as a cargo man. his mopther died from a illness. He joined the rebel starfighters after a while but he left there when he was 19. he bacame a loner and started doing bounties.
His Father had 2 brothers. one was a Jedi Knight but he was killed along with his wife by 2 rithless dark jedi. His uncle had a son. Corzip Dinn. Corzip roamed the galaxy trying to help others.
His othe uncle is an Imperial captain on a star destroyer. he is the one that sold out his other uncle. he also has a son. Caradet Dinn. Atex has no friends what so ever.


Name: Corzip Dinn
Age: 22
Race: Human
Appearance: A young Jedi Knight. long dark brown hair. dark red cloack and clothes. 2 light sabers, 1 yellow, 1 orange. 2 blasters at each side. grabbling hook and 4 thermal detonators.
Personality: Nice, easy restfull guy. is very fast in judging situations.
Background: Corzip is born and raised by his Parents on Dantooine. His parents were hiding from the Imperials. and one day Coprzip was away visiting his uncle on Coruscant when 2 dark Jedi Killed his parents. Corzip scarred for live by this wanted revenge. he chased the 2 Dark Jedi around the galaxy and was able to Kill 1 of them. the other one disapeared after a battle with his former master Dan Re in the city of the Sith.
Corzip ocassionaly take sbOunty hunting jobs. but only if he feels they are good. he sometimes helps out the Rebellion in the fight against the Empire. he does not know that His Imp uncle betrayed his parents, nor does he know of his excistence. he knows Atex Dinn. but they never realy see eachother.


Name: Caradet Dinn
Age: 25
Race: Human
Appearance: A young man. Imperial Officer. Lieutenant.
olive green suit. also in command of a TIE defender squad.
Personality: Ruthless. Is willing to DIE for the Emperor. Does anything in his power to make his missions a succesfull one.
Background: Born on Carida. well not on Carida itself, but on the Star Destroyer 'Power expressor' orbatting Carida. his Mother still serves the Academi on Carida. Raised by his mother there and went threw the academi without any problems. he came out as one of the most potential officers that year.
He came aboard his fathers ship and became a bridge officer at first. later he aplied for a Tie fighter lessons and became in command of his own squad. he sometimes goes out on missions. after defeating a rebel outpost with his squad and destroying the outpost + defences (6 X-wings and 6 turbolasers) without losing a pilot and or fighter he got promoted to commanding a TIE defender squad. he now is Lieutenant and serves his time aboard his fathers ship. he knows of Corzip and Atex. he hopes he encounters them both some day.

Bobo Fart
06-25-2002, 08:45 PM
You were not supposed to have 1 character for each Saga, it was a choice of acharacter for any saga. It was supposed to give people a choice of what they would like to be. BUT if you want 3 Characters i do not mind

06-26-2002, 01:00 AM
Man this RPG is great without me! you're doin' it just fine

Bobo Fart
06-26-2002, 07:18 AM
Aight then.... But i need more people ATLEAST one in each Saga

06-26-2002, 02:19 PM
Alright, I'm always open for a new game. I'd like to post two characters, if no one minds.


Name: Katani Chass (Pronounced Kass)
Age: 47, though he appears much younger, he recieved some medical "upgrades" after his experiences with the Emperor's Son, Grand Admiral Cracken, and the Crimson Star. He also has a computer uplink implant on the side of his head.
Appearance: Short cut, greying hair, which is understandable, given all he's been through. He receieved one minor scar on the right side of his nose at the battle of Kuat, but other than that, his looks are pristine, almost attractive, if it weren't for the metal conglomeration sticking slightly out, just behind his right ear.
Background: (All right, first off, some of this may not necessarily happen, so in the case of any of the Cantia regulars showing up, I'm going to say that now. This is an alternate ending to the future of the cantina thread, not what will necessarily happen, ok? And to the rest of you, yes, this will be as confusing as it sounds.

Katani was born as a noble on Kuat. Fortunately for him, he was almost immediately taken up to one of the obital platforms, where he began his personal defense and self preparation courses, in order to be fit to rule Kuat. Unfortunately for Katani, there was someone who stood in his way. Deac Starkiller, the only person to earn the undying emnity of the Kuat Drive Yards throne in quite a while. Well, when he was properly prepared, at a good age, and when he'd been outfitted with about twenty Noghri, Katani made his way to a particular cantina on Tatooine, where he knew Deac was. He introduced himself, and his Noghri, and in short got his butt kicked. After breaking himself out of his temporary confinement, he learned of Grand Admiral Cracken's rampaging about the galaxy. Well, being the current leader of the Kuati's, he knew where they would be meeting, in case of tragic event such as these. And, after leaving a small surprise behind for Cracken when he arrived at Kuat, he headed off to the planet Nhdaa'rr, in the unkown regions, to rendevouz with a secret (almost) R&D facility there, and to relocate the people of Kuat. When he arrived, he was told of the existence of a very powerful weapon, the Conqueror (whose specs are too numerous to list here, and which is really irrelevant, if you must know, head on over to XWA and check out Cantina Six: Return of the Dead Guy.) Well, he needed a computer uplink interface implanted into his mind in order to operate the Conqueror, and so he was prepped for surgery. But, just before the surgery was to take place, Neo-Imperial spies, sent by Cracken, replaced the surgery team. Then, they implanted the uplink, as well as a minor mind control device that would influence his actions towards the Neo-Imperialist way of thinking when he was linked to a computer. Well, it turns out he might not have been the best choice for a mind control device, because it was found that the linkage to the Conqueror's computer mind was making him incredibly unstable. On the side of murderous. After wiping out the entire planet, as well as the orbiting defense fleet during a training run, he jumped into the Kuat system and presented himself to Cracken as a gift, under one condition: he be given work to do. Cracken agreed, and sent him off to a minor system. Well, local inhabitants didn't much like it when he destoyed their planet, and began yelling at him. This caused a complete mental breakdown, and Katani began a killing rampage, traversing the galaxy destroying planets and fleets at a whim. Finally, he returns to Kuat just in time for the "Big Battle." Well, thankfully, all civilians have evacuated the system (for the purpose of continuity) and all that remains are the myriad of battleships from both sides. Well, Katani, in his madness, begins firing on both sides, damaging both New Republic and Neo-Imperial. A few stray shots even hit the Crimson Star itself. Well, Cracken doesn't take kindly to this, and decides to end the nuisance that is Katani Chass, by firing a small amount of antimatter at him. The anitmatter is almost dodged by Katani, but still destroys the magnetic railgun, the true strength. Without it, the Conqueror was nothing. After this of course, Katani's world completely collapsed, taking with it his perception of reality. He still can't give an accurate account as to what happened at the Battle of Kuat after the disabling of the Conqueror. Fortunately, mental therapy has been like bacta for his mind, and he is mostly healthy now, though occasionally prone to breakdowns. While these can be quite dangerous, a small dose of valium usually calms him perfectly. That's why he always carries a pouch that reads: "In case of murderous outrage, feed me this."

Well, there's Katani. Like I said, the part after the destruction of the Kuati fleet is all an alternate ending of the Cantina thread. Since that's really long, and my hands are starting to hurt, I'm off to bed now. I'll post the other character (Amada Horn, daughter of Valin Horn, son of Corran) later.