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06-24-2002, 01:35 AM
I'm at a point with a group that I play with online that we can introduce and use a custom skin in our game.
Sadly enough, I have squat for skills when it comes to skinning/modelling, what 80% of you would call a n00b, but I'm hoping to get some decent answers from the other 20%.

I'll list the following requirements I have for this skin....mind you, the only reson I'm puting this down here is:
a) to find out if there are any places out there that take skinning requests.
b) to see if anyone know if what I'm looking to get done is possible
c) any help or suggestions that can be brought up would be greatly appreciated.

Here goes:

-A separate skin (not a replacement) of the blue shadowtrooper, with the helmeted head replaced by Gylakk Fyarr's head.
-Also on this skin (if you're familiar with the Mandalorian skinpack that came out awhile ago) the black half cape on the red Mandalorian skin's left shoulder (exactly where the Mandalorian has it placed)

additional desires for the skin (but not the priority):
- A grey sash around the waste, similar to the one worn by the Jedi trainer
- The green jewel removed from the chestplate, maybe the chest be more contoured to match the back of the armour in detail.

As I said, any help, suggestions or anything anyone can throw in here would be greatly appreciate from this skinning/modelling n00b.

Thanx in advance



06-24-2002, 05:28 AM

06-24-2002, 05:41 AM
well, umm first off, if you want to have the guys head on a shadow trooper, then you have to model it, not skin it. So basicly if there is any thing 3D added to it, it has to be modeled (and people really dont take the time to do this for someone else:)). Otherwise you can skin stuff on it or off of it (like the jewel, its just skinned on). just go look at a tutorial, skinning is really not that hard