View Full Version : Reality Check! STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT MODELS!

06-24-2002, 04:06 AM
Ok all you guys should seriously get a reality check! you're all bashing Kinja, SithlordII, Absath, BloodRiot, and all the other good modelers out there for makeing SOME EXELENT MODELS! why? cuz some people are real *******s and have no patiences! Take the Yoda Model for example! THEY JUST CANT GET IT TO WORK IN MP YET! but everyone is saying..... "YOU GUYS SUCK! MAKE YODA SMALLER! HURRY THE HELL UP!" god, cut them some fricken slack! its not there fault raven protected people from useing small models! or the boba/jango models Everyone says "FIX THE SABE ISSUES!" they are MINOR issues! Sides, try and picture Boba Fett Useing a saber.... yeah hard isnt it? also people are saying how inaccurate the boba/jango models are.... WTF? Dude... you try makeing a more acurate model, otherwise STFU!

anyway thats my 2 cents......

06-24-2002, 04:13 AM
Hey, what's your problem. Don't blame all of us just for what some jerks do. What you are interpreting as 'bashing' is (mostly) constructive criticism, and ideas. A lot a the time the modeler (or any artist for that matter) can't see their own mistakes. And anyway, if they didn't want reaction they wouldn't post up here.

06-24-2002, 04:40 AM
Dude....... im not blameing EVERYONE. im well aware that most of us still know its wrong to complain. and 1 more thing. Theres a BIG fine line between Complaining and Constructive critizim(sp?)
hers some examples

Constructive Critizim-
"It looks good! but the gun holster is in the wrong place and the helmit is a little to fat, other than that its good"

"DUDE! THAT MODEL SUCKS! its not acurate at all!"