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06-24-2002, 04:12 AM
There has been so much talk about lunge whores, DFA whores, and other stance specific spamming. I personally like to use all three fairly equally, although I'm not a stong fan, as it's slow and not very fun to use. I am guessing that was Raven's intention for the stances. Not so much as progesssively stronger weapons, but as a thing that depends on the personal preference of each player. I think that is a very difficult thing to balance. -No one stance is really any more powerfull than an other, but they each have distinct advantages. It seems that any time there's a rumor that Raven might tweak this, or adjust that. This whole communitiy blows up. This is not an easy thing to do guys. I just started working for a game company, and I am learning the inside and outs of game development. These guys aren't trying to screw anybody. They're doing the best they can. Afterall they put their hearts in to this product for long time.

Anyway, back to my point (sorry for ranting). I like to use fast stance for the lunge, and it's overall speed. It's just fun to fight with someone with sabers clashing left and right, reallly fast like in the movies. And with that Ghoul2 stuff turned on. It's just so cool. BTW I highly recommend that saber sound mod. It makes the duels sooooo much sweeter.
I use yellow mostly for the corkscrew over the head move. That's about it. I use Red for some cool DFA tricks that one guy was nice enough to teach me. As I said before, I change between them a lot, even in the middle of a saberlock.

I wonder then. Maybe there shouldn't be any stances? You see I think the problem here, it that the saber combat boarders very close to the fighting game genre. The moves are spammed so easily b/c they are all easy to do. In a fighting game, the special moves are not so easily executed. I personally don't like fighting games that much, and I would't want to have to learn button combos to pull off special moves. I think this is where the complaints of the so called "honorable" fighters come it to play.
-Just play the game. Use the moves as needed, and don't spamm them. I would agree. I usually play "hororably" but that's just b/c it's mroe fun for me. It's more like the movies. I'm not here to rack up points, like many of you out there, and that's fine. Do what ever makes you happy. The problem with eliminating the stances is that you take away that little bit of personal customization that's in the game, which people like. That's why there are so many threads about a saber hilt customization mod. Why? you barely see the damn thing in game play anyway? -It is a cool idea though.

The point I was trying to illustrate above, is that there has developed this endless cycle of flaming, complaining, whinning, and "they nerfed this, and now they spamm this", etc., etc.
I'm not trying to falling into the category of "stop the whinners." I just want to show that this particular game is not an easy thing balance, and I don't think Raven, or any of us knew it would end up in such heated debate. I've never followed a game forum so closely before. Does it get this heated with other games or just this one?

Ayway thanks for reading. Sorry about the length. I was just bored and wanted to speak my mind a bit.

See you in MP.

06-24-2002, 04:35 AM
I agree Deadeye..I play to have sabre fights like in the films too.
This has been debated over and over...people have talked about the butt fighters...guys who just run around with their back to every body hoping to get a fast kill.......there are alot of players who just want as many kills as they can get any way possible...but there are also players like us who want to enjoy a good sabre fight.... Its the way all games are now...

I still dont see how people enjoy just running around with there backs to you and swinging like crazy...but let me tell you..if you know how to play, those players are killed with ease. It took me about a week to learn all the moves I need..and players who spam are just sabre fodder to me now..its the guy that stops and bows to me that gets me worried :)

06-24-2002, 05:21 AM
Yes, to make the game balanced and require more skill, we should shorten it to this!:

Only ONE saber stance with ONE move. You can't spam a cheap move if there's only one, right?

Reduce all force powers to nothing by jump. Jump can't be cheap now can it?

Remove kicks, yup some people might win with those.

Remove all guns by the bryar. The bryar is TRUE skill!

Change everything to first person, because third is unrealistic and lets you see more than you normally could.

There, now we have a perfect game! Everything is balanced, nothing is cheap!


Faye Ying
06-24-2002, 12:44 PM
lets all just uninstall jk2
throw our pII's, pIII's, p4's, athlons, and TB's out the windows.

we then pull out our 386, and 486's and whip out the 5 or 6 floppies wolf3d, doom, and doomII came on

and we all have a fragfest.

06-24-2002, 01:02 PM
I am guessing that was Raven's intention for the stances

If Raven wanted all the stances to be equal and dependent on user preference, why is there a force power called "saber offence"? Red stance SHOULD be better, since you are spending valuable points on saber offence to get it.