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01-09-2000, 06:28 PM
It has come to my attention that a person is abusing this message board. I won't name any names, but this is getting to be rediculous. It is evident in the cantina, and in the racer forum. Please, can we get rid of this person? They even triple post the same negative stuff in our religious discussions.

And there he is. The reigning champion of the Boonta Classic, and the crowd favorite-TheAhnFahn

Darth Kurgan
01-10-2000, 12:18 AM
Thanks, it was brought to my attention. I hadn't been monitoring the forums over my vacation (two weeks during Christmas and New Years), but I had started scanning the forums to make sure stuff was okay.

I checked out the posts in question, and had to lock some threads, it's been taken care of.


01-10-2000, 02:33 PM
I think more than a locking is needed for this certain individual. If he tried this on my board (XWA.net) he would be gone. and yes I know this isn't my board.

01-10-2000, 03:27 PM
As I said, the problem has been dealt with.
Thanks for your concern.