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06-24-2002, 01:11 PM
Does anyone know how it's possible to make a game type where instead of having a max kill limit each player has a set number of lives and the winner is the person who kills all the others players.

People joining after a game has started and a player has already lost a life automatically join spectators until the next map so that noone can join with full lives when a game is almost over. The people that loose all of their lives first need to become spectators and have to wait until the next map ( :D the loosers). A time limit would be optional.

I'm also interested in learning how it would be possible to make it so that sabers instagibbed, not through light touches but through proper hits. Instant dismemberment :D.

This would be cool to get going before you guys loose me to WC3.

There can be only one

06-26-2002, 05:49 AM
ok well soon you're gonna loose me to warcraft, I'd like to say that joining this community has opened my eyes. I'd never thought that so many whining Łuckers could all coincidentially find themselves playing the same game at the same time. Let alone the fact that they actually managed to convince the devs to Łuck up that game.

Anyway this community as a whole suck big fat monkey penis and I'm glad I'm leaving. The release of warcraft 3 can't come soon enough and thank Łuck UT03 will be out soon. No Last Man Standing, you guys haven't the capacity to even contemplate real conflict suffer in hell for eternity you soulless scum.