View Full Version : Force Push\Pull

06-24-2002, 11:26 PM
Well just wondering, usually when I push or pull the person they dont fall down. Sometimes they do. Why is it that sometimes when you push\pull the person falls and sometimes doesnt??

06-25-2002, 02:43 AM
It depends on the strength of push/pull and the proximity to the person you are attempting to push/pull.

06-25-2002, 06:23 AM
yeah, the closer you are the better.. I have found that when firing weapons giving them a quick push or pull before shooting throws them off balance just enough to slow down their force use.. ie. I was trying to blast a guy with rockets but he kept pushing them so I pushed him them fired right away and was able to hit him..

push and pull are also much more affective on moving and especially jumping players..

Homosexual Ewok
06-25-2002, 03:28 PM
Always max out push/pull to level 3. Even if you don't use it, it will protect you. Absorb does too, but on to the push/pull stuff.

1-If standing still, and at level 3, and if you have enough Force power to use it yourself, you will not get knocked down.

2-If you begin any animation (saber swing, running, jumping) and your opponent tries to push/pull you, you may get knocked down. As stated above, this depends on how close they are and what you were doing (running away is less likely to get you knocked down/away than say a saber swing or a jump).

When you want to push/pull someone your best move is to wait until they start some attack animation or jump before doing your push/pull.