View Full Version : Skinning my speeder bike

06-25-2002, 03:24 AM
Ok, i made a pretty good *in my opinion* speederbike with Gmax for outcast, and i used the skinning stuff and got it all skinned and pretty looking and everything, saved it, loaded it into the tempest pack, made sure it was still skinned, it was, exported it as an md3, went into gtk radiant, imported it into my level, and it wasnt skinned! AHH! ive had a forum up on massassi but nobody seems to want to answer it, so someone PLEASE help! oh, and by the way (i hope this doesnt complicate things, with my luck it will) somewhere along the line the whole thing got grouped together into one thing named "speeder", no individual parts...:mad: so any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks