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06-25-2002, 09:45 AM
To start, I am not creating this mod with any particular outcome in mind. I haven't coded in C for about 5 years, but am not afraid to dig into the code. Also once I am done, or at any point, if someone wants, I'll realease the code I've done. So far what my mod has is:

*Det Packs are now proximity mines.
*Repeater Alt fire is now rocket launcher with lower damage, but faster rate of fire.
*Rocket launcher is now some kind of ball lightning launcher.
*Sentries now drop behind player instead of in front.
*Backstab attacks take force power.

I'm not sure what to work on next. Any one have any particular ideas?

-=Exalted One=-

06-25-2002, 12:29 PM
How bout the biggest and most important thing I think most of us want, a quality double saber that doesn't stick thru your own body, new stances, and dual sabers. But any work you do is great and it helps us all out in one way or another, so great work, oh and if you want to take on an apprentice to teach, and then have help eventually icq me 34047799 msn chadz0@hotmail.com or AIM Cuda498


06-25-2002, 02:21 PM
goddamnit! i SO hate this double saber! it is not possible to implement it accuratly into the game by lamers like us! it is just a april foolsday gag by raven to laugh at the stupidity of the star wars fans who want to be as cool as darth mofo maul...
i had it with those double bladed sabers, not that it wouldnt be a nice idea but it is essential that NEW animations are beeing added to the ghoul2 model system whatsoever.

ExaltedOne, if u want to add your work to our mod then just tell me icq: 20180752
the thing i would like to have is force based special attacks, to make them more tactical. the backstabb is not the only one...
here the current readme of our mod:


unpack to gamedata and run
jk2mp.exe +set fs_game Duel_SE

this mod is based on the 1.03a source code.
cowwithoutbrain the dufficult stuff and nitemare who has zero c++ knowledge but is learning by doing...




//by cowwithoutbrain
//these cvars alter the damage value in percentage, eg. wdam_rock 200 would make the rocketlauncher do double damage.

//wdam_ weapon's damage
//wdam2_ Weapon's splash damage
//wspd_ Weapon's projectile velocity

wdam_bryar Bryar Pistol

wdam_blast E11 Blaster

wdam_disr1 Tenloss Disruptor

wdam_bow Wookiee Bowcaster

wdam_rep1 Heavy Repeater

wdam_demp1 DEMP2

wdam_flech1 Golan Arms Flechette

wdam_rock Personal Rocket Launcher

wdam_stun Stun Baton

wdam_therm Thermal Detonator

wdam_trap Laser Trap / Trip Mine

wdam_det Det Pack

wdam_saber1 Lightsaber

wdam_light Force Lightning Damage

//these cvars alter the exact damage value, eg. saber_redmax to get the default value
kickchance // the chance to knock someone to the ground

cvars: default values:
saber_bluebsmax 70
saber_bluebsmin 15
saber_bluespmax 20
saber_bluespmin 5
saber_blue 30
saber_yellowbsmax 70
saber_yellowbsmin 16
saber_yellowspmax 80
saber_yellowspmin 45
saber_yellow 60
saber_redbackmax 85
saber_redbackmin 32
saber_redspmax 180
saber_redspmin 32
saber_redmax 120
saber_redmin 70
//sp= special
//bs= backstabb

saber_hitbox 16 //this is the block hitbox, make it bigger to increase the blocking range around the saber

duelffa 0 //-makes shield useless -player starts with no shield and just 100 hp -player is invurnerable
if he holsters his saber -more to come...

the saber damage ramping system makes damage dependable on the animation time when a player gets hit.
is the attacker just at the beginning of the saber strike the damage is lower than if he is in the middle
of the animation. the current defaul min-max values for the attacks which are affected by ravens ramping system
are my favourites. but you can experiment with those while playing. full freedom for server and rcon admins!
kicks make only 1 damage by default but you can change it to 18 like it was before. i dont know what the kickchance
was before cowwithoutbrain buildt a cvar for it but 1 is best for kickfree servers, 3 is more frequent and 10
knocks down all the time.

other features: in ffa games more than one private duel is possible now. in the next release we plan to force players
to find a duel partner before they can swith the saber on and do damage...

06-26-2002, 05:17 AM
Hello...First of all I think it's great that you are working on a mod.
I have a few questions though, My friends and I are working on a stats program dynamically to post data to a website. This is used mostly for bragging rights between my friends, but as we need as much programming exp as possible, this is a good opportunity to get our beaks wet.

Our main problem however, is the lack of documentation of the server engine itself. The Readme only lists some basic commands and does not speak about implementations.

We would like to know:
1.) Does the JKII server support logging to an external IP?
2.) Can the server send messages to individual players?
3.) Can the server accept RCON (remote console) commands from non players such as bots?

If you are curious to see what we are up to, please visit:

If our work in any way could be helpful, perhaps some collaboration would be in order.

Thanks and Good Luck with the C code!

06-26-2002, 06:32 AM
yeah a good thing would be it! a bot!
someone who recognise people who have special rights but not the rcon. user accounts could be possible!