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Grand General BOWLER
04-18-2000, 08:37 PM
I really need help on this mission any strats will do.

04-20-2000, 02:52 AM
i just finished it tonight...heres what you do...

when i started the level i didn't have many units from the mission before. so i went back into a save of the first mission, redid it, and it started mission 2 with more units to bring down...after you land, just keep bringing down atats and atsts, along with turrets and a landing pad. when you get time get some artitery and set it up around the base. you can use the light or heavy...light at first cuz of the constant battles that take place, then heavy after a while. the battles will slow down in time. just hold on and fight it. remember the chin cannons on the atats. they can take out any moving land unit. i used them on the tanks and cannons.

once the fights slow, make up a small force with troops to take over the rebel small bases. that will get you points to get more to attack with. the key to this level is to have a good defence up, i only really went on the attack against the comm center.
a hint...have the bridge next to the base heavyly covered with atats and arti.

hope this helps

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