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06-25-2002, 03:33 PM
Brief moment of begging, I would really like to experiment with deforming the standard JKII bones so that I can decide on a strategy for my own unweighted model. Would it be possible for someone who has already created a PM in max to make the .max file available so that we could compare and contrast?

Not just for me (though it would make me a happy bunny) but for everyone who is a little confused regarding specific issues.
I think it would cut down on the Assimilate error threads.

I fully appreciate that people have put a _lot_ of work into their models and wouldn't want them mistreated by someone else, so I'd be happy to have a code of conduct set down by anyone who was willing to donate their raw .max scene as reference for those of us still having problems.


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06-26-2002, 03:08 AM
I have to admit - this is one classy way to ask for help! If I had a max file at my disposal I think I wouldn't be too adverse to letting people use it as a learning tool.
In fact, I would like to add to the request myself. Those who have modeled characters that are more advanced than the typical humanoid would be heroes if they would allow us noobs to examine their techniques.
In particular, Spacermonkey created a twilek with animated lekku and of course we MUST mention the robed character that Bloodriot and Absath have blessed our community with.
Being able to model and animate dangling objects like long hair and robes needs to be a shared technique in order to expand our community's resources and enhance our future modeling efforts.
Those who have already nailed down the more advanced techniques, please share the information that you have learned. I will not post a demand for your hard work - but please allow others to learn from you!

Anavel Gato
06-26-2002, 03:29 AM
As soon as I have properly weighted the vertices on Padme you can use my Max file. But it might be a while :(

06-26-2002, 03:40 AM
agreed---my model is weighted and looks good for the most part. But sometimes his shoulders disappear and the like. If anyone has a good weighted max model, please send me a copy--- ryanhutchings@excite.com

06-26-2002, 05:34 AM
Ah-ha... I have a new plan!
Rather than importing the xsi and striping everything out other than the tags and bones, I going to import the xsi and delete the _VERTICIES_ from the meshes, leaving the hirachy untouched and then merge my mesh and colapse my mesh objects into the framework.

What do you think?

Oh.. I Still think a referance .max would be really useful.


Co-ool if you have objects of the same name in a .max file you merge in it gives you the option of collapsing them straight in.
that means you can mesh edit without having to worry about accidentally knackering the heirachy.

Gah, that didn't work... Sleep is on hold till I work this out

Anavel Gato
06-26-2002, 02:59 PM
Originally posted by SilentMobius
Gah, that didn't work... Sleep is on hold till I work this out

Are you still up? :)
Am curious if this worked.

06-26-2002, 08:47 PM
Originally posted by Anavel Gato

Are you still up? :)
Am curious if this worked.

Yes it did, but not quite in the way I wanted it to.
If you do a "Merge" with mesh objects of the same name it screws up the heirachy.
If you do a "Replace" then it keeps the previous meshes scale attitude and position (not good trust me)

However (Here is the good news)

1. If you merge your mesh with the modified XSI having names like "torso_other" or "torso1"
2. Select the referance torso mesh "torso"
3. Go into vertex select mode
4. Select all the vertices
5. Move them all to the left or right.
6. Go out of vertex select mode
7. CTRL select "torso" and your "torso_x" (the _THAT_ order)
8. Go into vertex select mode
9. Select all the vertices that were part of "torso" mesh (that is now some distance away from all the other points)
10. Delete.

Repeat for each mesh object.

Now it _sounds_ complex but I can now turn a stormtrooper into a battledriod in less than 5 mins. With _perfect_ heirachy.

Now you may wonder why I didn't delete all the vertices from the stormtrooper xsi beforehand? well if you have a mesh object that has no vertices within your XSI then you run carcass is just stops dead with no error message. This way you add more vertices before you delete the old ones.

N.B I deleted all the objects in the XSI I didn't need
heirachy select and delete for all the lod stupidtriangle_x trees and objects like "torso_pauldron" "l_hand_armorplate".
Not the verticies, but the whole objects.

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06-26-2002, 09:34 PM
SM, if this turns out to be a pretty fool-proof way to weight meshes could you give us a pretty detailed description of your methods? This could be an interesting addition to our methodology if it can work on a regular basis. You may want to write up a document and ask spacermonkey to include it in any revisions of his popular tutorial...
Just a thought.

06-26-2002, 09:43 PM
Originally posted by BobaFett7
SM, if this turns out to be a pretty fool-proof way to weight meshes

Sorry this isn't about weighting its only making sure that your mesh is in the right heirachy to go through Assimilate/Carcass.

All the weighting still has to be done by hand.

As far as the process goes for what I did the post about is about a detailed as I can get. Every click I made in max is there.

06-29-2002, 03:33 PM
Well I've got the whole thing worked out now...
Ladies and gentlemen I give you... Mr Bones:


He's my test mesh, unfortunatly the things I wanted to test for all turned out to be impossible, but I sure learned a lot in the process.

Mr Bones is all weighted up but I have only weighted the r_hand bolt properly (all the others bolts are weighed to the pelvis)

I think I will finish him (I might even skin him :) ) but in the mean time if anyone is interested in a simple .max that will export and assimilate correctly, I'll be happy to provide him.