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03-27-2000, 08:46 PM
The only one I've found worth a visit is www.forcecommander.com, (http://www.forcecommander.com,) the rest seem to be either dead or not updated. Alot of sites are from 98 when Focom was supposed to be released. Also Any luck activating the console,anyone?

04-08-2000, 06:09 PM
here are two other site's that i have found that are pretty good, on one i even have an Artillery Strategy listed on the main page

here they are http://www.fcoutpost.com/

the strategy planet one is a very good site, here is my strategy i put up, not the cheat the Artillery spotting technique

The first cheat code in Force Commander has been found out, and submitted to me by our pal RED. The Code works as follows:

Start a new Force Commander game, and in the New Player slot, type the name:
Once in the Campaign or skirmish you can get a quick 500 Command Points whenever you want simply by pressing the "M" key. But remember, when choosing your new player you

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April 6, 2000

Artillery Strat

This is one of the e-mail strats I have recieved. I tested it out, and it works pretty good. It relies mostly on your artillery, and your TIE (spotter) staying alive.
Here's what you need :

1 tie fighter

1+ artillery

3+ AT-PT

2+ AT-ST

1 shield disabler if available

1. Use a lone tie fighter is guard stance to circle an area where you suspect an enemy to be present.
2. Form a small skirmish line of AT-PT's and AT-ST's as a guard for your artillery
3. Bring up 1 or more artillery units to pound the enemy.
4. Make sure that your fighter only displays the target when it circles in that direction, if it gets too close the rebs will send hover tanks or infantry against you.
5. If your fighter is being toasted move it away a few feet
6. This will help you make it through Yavin and Sarapin

Thanks to Phillip.


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04-11-2000, 06:11 PM
Did anyone try this code out yet? I put it in as a new player and i couldn't get it to work. I tried skirmish and campain. Any suggestions?