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Darth Jello
06-25-2002, 11:52 PM
I need to know what the console command for changing your name is???????

(so you can change it ingame)

06-26-2002, 12:05 AM
set name "name goes here"

06-26-2002, 12:33 AM
name (SPACE) (YOUR NAME) and if you want COLOR...

(SHIFT)6 or the "^" symbol plus 1 through 7

1 is red
2 is green
3 is yellow
4 is blue
5 is light blue
6 is purple
7 is white
0 is black

Black only works in text messages, though :)

06-26-2002, 01:20 AM
Originally posted by -=Chi3f=-
name (SPACE) (YOUR NAME) and if you want COLOR...

"set" is not part of it? Just checking since I do all that via a config file where I do use set. But, I know the command console can have slightly different syntax. Thanks.

06-26-2002, 03:27 AM
doesn't matter, it works both ways. since you are already in the game using the console theres no need to use 'set' or 'seta'. but if you're using a cfg then it probably a good idea to use 'seta'.

Homosexual Ewok
06-26-2002, 03:32 AM
\name "these little things are needed if you use spaces"

If you type \name long dong silver
You will get long as your name due to none of "these"

If you want to do colors, do the first " before you hit ^6

\name "^3long dong silver"

The correct way^