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06-26-2002, 08:43 PM
For every single FPS game, I usually have my buttons mapped like this,

Arrow keys = move forward, backward, and strafe.
Keypad 1 = crouch
keypad 0 = Use
and for JKII CTRL = Use Force

Having it set this way for me doesnt give me good access to all the force powers I have. To switch I press either Z or X to switch powers and use the CTRL key with my pinkie to use whichever force I have selected.

Could anybody help me out and give me a good key mapping to give me good access to the powers I have? Thank you

06-26-2002, 09:27 PM
I have my powers mapped F1-F12. I think those are the easiest to use.

06-27-2002, 03:15 AM
Ever since Tribes, I've used this:

A-strafe left
D-strafe right
Q-change weapon
Rclick-alt fire (was actually jetpack, in Tribes :) )
And for JK2 I use E to cycle force, and F to use them
I also have learned to use the scroll wheel on my mouse to switch weps

Oh yeah, and to change stances, I use MOUSE4 (I have a 5-button mouse, for right-handed one's it's the button where your thumb rests)...reaching over to hit "L" took too long when I was in a serious fight.

06-27-2002, 03:31 AM
a=strafe left
d=strafe right
mouse1=primary attack
mouse2=secondary attack
scroll=switch weapons
mouse3=switch saber stance

and for force since i dont use alot of powers since most of them r useless


i also sometimes set 1-4 keys to force powers, but the rest of the numbers just take to long to reach and the F1,F2,etc. keys are even harder to reach and inefficient (for me) in a tight situation.

06-27-2002, 03:44 AM
e,s,d,f = forward, back, strafe left, strafe right
shift = crouch
ctrl = walk
space = alt fire
w = shift stance
q = use
left button = attack
right button = jump
mid button = lightning
g = heal or drain
r = absorb
v = speed
c = protect or rage
a = mind trick or grip
z = seeing
mwheelup = push
mwheeldown = pull
alt = +right (for spinning ;P)
\ = taunt

rest are default

GE Predator
06-27-2002, 08:30 AM
Your gonna love this, in a weird sort of way..... lol :rolleyes:


up - forward
down - back
left - left
right - right
. - crouch
L - strafe left
" - strafe right
/ - secondary fire

mouse: (inverted)

mouse1 - primary fire
mouse2 - jump
mouse3 - stance switcher
mouse wheel up - next weapon
mouse wheel down - previous weapon


k - speed
; - push
] - absorb
, - pull
p - heal
insert - mind trick
delete - protect
home - grip
end - lightning
page up - drain
page down - rage


[ - bacta
enter - use item
j - use
x - sentry
c - seeker

06-27-2002, 08:35 AM
W - Forward
S - Backward
A - Strafe left
D - Strafe right
Q - Heal
E - Push
R - Next weapon
F - Absorb
C - Crouch
X - Change perspective
Z - Use item
Alt - Use
Tab - Show scores
Shift - Pull
Space - Jump
Mouse1 - Fire
Mouse2 - Alt fire
Mouse3 - Change stances

06-27-2002, 09:09 AM
WASD - Movement...
Q - Next weapon
E - Use
F - Push
Z - Protect
X - Absorb
C - Heal
Space - Jump
CTRL - Crouch
Mouse1 - Prim. Fire
Mouse2 - Sec. Fire
Mouse3 - Change Stance
G - Change Stance
R - Use bacta
T - Taunt
Shift - Walk

I think that about covers it.

06-27-2002, 02:12 PM
I use a Microsoft Sidewinder game pad.

the buttons are set up like this:

X - Main Attack
Y - Force Push
Z - Force Pull

A - Secondary Attack
B - Force Grip
C - Jedi Mind Trick

L Trigger - Jump
R Trigger - Force Lightning
Start - Use

Mode keys:

M + A - Change Saber Stance
M + B - Crouch
M + C - Force Heal
M + L - Strafe left
M + R - Strafe Right

If I need to look around, I just use the mouse. No keyboard needed. For Multiplayer, I have a slightly different setup, replacing grip and lightning with protect and absorb. Now if only I could get my Interact Hammerhead to work right I'd have everything on 1 controller w/o need of the mouse :)


For the best in new heavy metal:

06-27-2002, 04:13 PM
w,a,s,d -Movement
q -Saber stance
f -Use Force power
e -Push
r -Pull
c -Lightsaber
Shift -Walk
Space -Crouch
Ctrl -Use
,' -Scroll inventory
Enter -Use inventory item
Numpad + -Quick save
Numpad - -Quick load

MOUSE (inverted)

MOUSE1 -Attack
MOUSE2 -Jump
MOUSE3 -Secondary attack
MOUSEWHEEL -Scroll Force powers

06-28-2002, 01:37 AM
Why does everyone use the WASD (or similar) configuration for movement? Here's what I use:

S = Forward
Z = Backward
A = Strafe Left
X = Strafe Right

1) It's a much more natural angle to relax your left hand.
2) You can assign 5 keys within 1 key away (up and to the right) from those to commonly used commands like forces, crouching, etc. (These are QWEDC).

And for the mouse, I use:
Left Button = Primary Fire
Right Button = Jump
Wheel Button = Secondary Fire
(so I don't have to take my fingers off the movement keys)

Anyway, this is all pointless debate since we all think our own configs are the best. Whatever works for you, I guess.

06-28-2002, 02:26 AM
I use the ASDW for movement, and force powers are setup like this:

the scroll whell on the mouse changes weapons, and clicking it changes stance. Right click is alt fire or saber throw

06-28-2002, 05:24 AM
Boy oh boy, mind are really out there.

< and > = sidestep
mouse3 (thumb button) = fire2
mouse4 (pinky button) = saber change
M = Jump
N = duck
L = (in other games) reload (in JK) use force
; and ' = force power cycle
J,H,G,U,I,O,P,B = assorted force powers
Alt and Ctrl = use
E = saber challange

These evolved from Doom. When i started to play other games where a mouse was needed, my hands had to be in 3 places, so i moved my hand from the arrow pad to the mouse buy putting forward on mouse 2. X and C were too far away, so i moved them to M and N. Eventually I thought i needed a backward key, so K was right there above the jump keys. I dont know how half of them got there, but it works quite well for me.

I also crank up the sensitivity really high (well, not high for me, just right) but none of my friends can control my mouse well when it is that high.

06-28-2002, 10:22 AM

W - Forward
S - Backward
A - Left
D - Right

Shift (left) - Crouch
Space - Jump

CapsLock - Walk, but I hardly do

MS IntelliMouse:

Mouselook - Inverted, ever since my descent days

Mouse 1 - Primary Fire
Mouse 2 - Secondary Fire
Mouse 3 - Change Saber Stance
Mouse 4 - Force Push
Mouse 5 - Force Pull

Wheel Up - Previous Weapon
Wheel Down - Next Weapon

Force Powers:

Q - Previous force power
E - Next force power
F - Use force power

R - Absorb/Lightning
T - Absorb/Lightning panic button (hehe...)
F - Heal/Drain (Usually the aforementioned force selected)
G - Heal/Drain panic button (hehe...)
C - Force Seeing
X - Force Seeing
V - Protect/Grip (but I hardly use them)


1 - Saber
2-0 - Weapons I don't use

B - Bacta tank
Alt or K - Challenge to a duel

N - Taunt
, - Jan Model
M - Stormtrooper model
H - Rebornboss model
J - Rebornacrobat model
K - Rebornfencer model


I use the ASDW config because back when I played descent 3, I used AZSDFE. That is, AZ for/back, ED up/down, SF left/right. So when I got into first persons again, it was a natural progression. I simply changed ED to space/shift for jump/crouch. Also, because of my days as a dogfighter, I simply CANNOT play without the mouse inverted. It just makes sense to me to play that way.

For an interesting experience, try playing Red Faction. You'll find that all the controls you use now are worthless. I found that I had to apply the descent controls to it.

To each his own though...

06-28-2002, 02:08 PM
A = jump
S = crouch
D = primary attack
F = forward
Space = back
Q = pull
W = push
E = secondary fire
R = change stance
T = use
Caps = force use (usually absorb)
X = change force power
Shift = Protect
C = Mind Trick
V = Heal
Strafe Left = Mouse left
Strafe Right = Mouse right
G = duel challenge

this is my setup for all shooter games, and i regard it as superior as my fingers are more spread out for more buttons and with this I have several slots for extra functions, jedi knight actually uses them all as i have six slots for force powers. I usually use four or five.

06-28-2002, 04:29 PM
I came up with this the first time I played JO (ok, so I slightly tweaked once or twice), and I can't imagine anyone playing with anything else...

S-strafe left
F-strafe right
R-force Speed
T-force seeing
CapsLock-Use (buttons)
Shift-toggle walk/run
Z-prev item
X-next item
A-use item
(F1-F4 replace 1-4 weapon selects respectively)

Mouse 1-Primary fire
Mouse 2-Secondary fire
Mouse 3(push wheel down) saber-stance select
Mousescrollwheel-weapon select
Mouse move-look(duh!)

I like it because it's all cluttered together (little movement required, easy fingering memorization), it's the natural placement of fingers on a QWERTY keyboard, and like QWERTY, it keeps the most commonly used keys closest to finger position at rest, and spreads out proportionally to a key's use.

06-28-2002, 04:55 PM
A-strafe left
D-strafe right
Q-change weapon
Rclick-alt fire (was actually jetpack, in Tribes )

Ditto. :D

B - Bacta
Ctrl - Take Screenshot (tga format)
Left and Right Arrows - Cycle Weapons
F-keys - In order, Saber, Bryar, E-11, Tenloss, Bowcaster, Repeater, DEMP2, Golan Arms, Merr-sonn PLX
[ and ]: Cycle Items
Enter: Use item
Then, for force powers (I don't use the cycle function):
Mousewheel up - push
Mousewheel down - pull (I find this to work very well, since I'm literally pushing or pulling the wheel)
Mouse 3 - Jedi Mind Trick or Grip, depending on which side I'm using
1 - Speed
2 - Force Heal
3 - JMT again (if mouse 3 fails)
4 - Seeing
5-7 - Other force powers I rarely use
8, 9 - Binded name commands, for clan events, etc.
0 - Dark Rage
Q - Absorb or Lightning, Side-willing
KP_home, KP_PGUP - Bound message keys
KP_5 - model lando/default
KP_End - model trandoshan/default
KP_PGDN - model stormtrooper/default
KP_Ins - model luke/default
KP_Del - model energytrooper/default
KP_Enter - model bobafett/default

And when running my custom Merc.cfg script:
Ins - saber color toggle
Home - Switch canned message
Pgup - Say selected message
Del, Pgdn - Toggle skin selection
End - Toggle skin team affiliation
Delete - Apply selected skin

That's it for the ones I use. No, my script does not use any "cheap" functions. :p

Oh yes, and o for taunt, p for perspective. :)

Merc out. :fett:

06-28-2002, 06:11 PM
I have a VERY different and probably unique control scheme that i've been using since duke nukem' 3D plutonium pack.

A = jump
Z = duck
Q = Strafe Left
W = Strafe Right
E =Force push
S = force pull
X = choke
C = Mind trick
D = Heal
F3 = speed
V = absorb
R = lighting
F = taunt
Left mouse = fire
Right mouse = run
Shift = backward
Alt = alt fire
Mouse 3 = saber style
space = use
capslock = toggle run/walk