View Full Version : help on simple yet fun MP Mod

JK Legacy
06-26-2002, 09:26 PM
hey, I don't know how many of you played that little disintegrate mod I made a while ago (really simple, wasnt very popular) but i'm looking to make it into a decent mod now. The version i released was more of a test, it proved the gameplay style actually works well in JO and that its.. fun. (if you havent played it dl it or take my word!) :/

So now i'm thinking of really making the mod a lot better, same basic gameplay ideas but just a lot better presented and with a few more things...

I'm asking for help on either modelling/skinning. to change the disruptor into something.. well, different for the sake of it being a mod. also, this is a tall order, but if anyone would be interested in making small insta-kill levels, a lot of the standard ffa levels proved to be too large. I imagine it'd be quite easy to make some levels with good fast gameplay, as detail and looks wouldnt matter that much... i mean someone might actually enjoy making a map like that, it doesnt have to be star wars, just focus on gameplay. :)

if anyones interested in the mod any help would be appreciated, not just on the things i put there (thinking of makin a half decent site hehe). i think that it could be a good mod, as the gameplay works well with the JO engine (and gives some possibilities of new ideas for insta kill play)

thx, i'd appreciated constructive replies, not 'ur mod sucks because i hate it'. :D