View Full Version : Getting Music In Game

Uber Sith
06-26-2002, 11:52 PM
Okay Say ive got some MP3. or music on a CD. and i want actually replace like the dual music form the game...

Can somone please tell how to do this...i would really appreciate the help..

i found some great EP2 music the other day and i was wondering how i get it in there instead of the dual music or yavin final music

06-29-2002, 02:50 AM
You'll need MP3s, the music you have on a CD won't work too well as far as I know. Unless you convert songs on that to mp3 format. But zip up a few mp3s into a zip file. Make sure to edit their names so there's no spaces. (ex- change Lords Of Acid.mp3 to LordsOfAcid.mp3) Now zip em up. Rename the zip file's extension to a .pk3, and slap this in your base directory. Now whenever you wish to play some music in MP, just use your music command. So if I had a file in there called LordsOfAcid-OutComesTheEvil.mp3, I'd type in music LordsOfAcid-OutComesTheEvil.mp3 and the song will play. To make it even easier I binded a few of my favorites to some keys, it's much better than having to open up the console every time the damn music changes because a duel ends or starts. Just remember that if you're joining a pure server, it won't let you use your music.pk3 and you'll be without your music.