View Full Version : Return to Abridon part 2

04-04-2000, 07:34 AM
Ok anyone else get this far and notice that you don't have a TR-MB? It has it listed in the objectives, but it didn't land on the battlefield and it is not in the hangar for selection. Just want to know if anyone else has seen this problem before I decide to call LucasArts.



04-04-2000, 01:47 PM
I finished this level last night, and wondered the same thing. You get the TRMB after you take the hanger. Getting to the hanger is a royal pain in the neck. I wound up just racing through at full tilt with three hover transports. I cut over to the middle left my tanks behind to distract and hold of the AT-STs. They got wasted but it gave me enough time to head halfway across the board (headed north). Just as I got in range of the Fixed artilary I cut NE towards around the Imperial Base and accross the road to the hanger. I had my two swoops go in first. They drew some fire from the artilary saving my transports from getting destroyed. I was in critical condintion when I got there, but started bringing down Heavy tanks right away. Scanned his artilary with my Scanner Jammers and took them out.

04-07-2000, 07:36 AM
Ok thanks for the suggestion and I will give it a try...