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06-27-2002, 08:57 AM
Hiya! I was wondering if I could say, switch SP Kyle to the latest Darth Maul model or the shiny Jango Fett model, and I'm asking you for how. I learned the directions from this one guy on one of these message boards, but they didn't work. This guy said any model in the SP game can be substituted with a MP model, provided I perform the right process.

Will you help me out? I'd really really really appreciate it. If I end up getting this to work, I may make SP model conversions of other people's popular models in my spare time, since I find the idea of having Jango/Kyle and Chewbacca/Jan go up against Vader/Desann, Aayla BW variation/Tavion, and Maul variations/Reborn. Oh, and it looks cool in the cinemas (^_^). Please reply! Somebody! Anybody!

- Crios

Lord -=[FBF]=-
06-28-2002, 01:16 AM
ok, its not too hard.
open the pk3 in WinZip and extract everything to C: (just on the root of it, no subfolders). make sure u have Use Folder Names selected. u now have a folder called c:/models, maybe c:/sounds or summat too. open c:/models and then the /player directory, and rename the model folder in there to kyle. so, c:/models/players/reborn (for example - this could be practically anything ie tyrion or madalorian or darth_maul or whatever) becomes c:/models/players/kyle. you may also have to rename the .glm to model_default.glm or something so it replaces the kyle model when u go ingame. to work out what the file needs to be called, open assets0.pk3 in winzip and find out the name of the .glm under the models/players/kyle subdirectory. itll probably be model_default.glm, but perhaps not. anyway, open winzip again, create a new zip, and add all the files within c:/models/players/kyle, making sure Save Full Path Info is selected. u should now have a load of files in ur zip with the Path (path within zip, i mean) models/player/kyle. if any other subdirectorys full of files were included in the MP model, such as sounds, add them as well. dont rename anything inside these folders, or the sound config files for the model wont work. finally, exit winzip and change the extension from .zip to .pk3, so u now have a file called darth_maul_sp.pk3, or whatever. put this in GameData\base of the JKII folder, and run the game. anywhere the kyle model is used it will be the model u just added. to replace sum1 else, such as tavion or desann or reborn or whatever, just look under assets0.pk3 for the correct folder name and repeat the above steps, for example do models/player/tavion instead of modes/player/kyle.
hope that helps!

06-28-2002, 06:30 AM
Sorry, but I did everything you said above, and it still didn't work. Ugh, I don't know what's wrong... Somebody please help. I really want to make this work.