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06-28-2002, 04:46 AM

i decided id try and make myself a ninja single player game. with this, i was using the ninja mod (cartwheels and butterfly spin). i developed my own personalised ninja skin for kyle and the shadowtroopers.

ive worked out how to model a bo staff to replace the light saber and i have replaced five gfx\effects\sabers files. they are:
blue_glow2, blue_line, blurcore, blurglow, yellow_glow

basically i want to remove all traces of the bo staff being a lightsaber. does anyone have a list of files that i could view so that i know what to change. im trying to get rid of the following things:
* burn marks on walls
* sparks off metal
* sparks from other sabers
* glow when saber is thrown or when it is on the floor
* blue glow when saber is thrown and reflects on the floor

another thing i tried but failed in was making a second bo staff to be used when the player selected the briar_pistol. does anyone have any ideas how to do this? im assuming the game searches for different codes. i tried copying my saber/staff glm and md3 files etc into the briar dir but that didnt work. i also tried modelling my staff into the briar md3 files but it then became invisible.

finally. i wanted to know if it was possible to have multiple skins for my shadowtrooper ninjas. say i want 4 different ones, each a different colour logo or something. is this possible? im pretty sure i can probably do it with the reborn characters but id prefer shadowtroopers.

id love to read some suggestions or comments on here or if you would like to email me, then its ihavedirt@hotmail.com

~* beau *~

06-29-2002, 12:40 PM
ive spent hours changing images and editing effects in the base dirs and i have removed most of the problems i was having with
the bo staff. i still cant hide the burn marks on the walls. i think its something to do with the alpha and black images. i make the damage files all black (thinking it would = transparent) but that didnt work. can anyone instruct me on how to hide the wall marks

* no sparks off metal
* no sparks from other sabers
* no smoke off players or objects

id still like help with:
* burn mark on walls
* configuring multiple skins for 1 character (ie similar to how reborn works but for say shadowtrooper)
* replacing other weapons with different lightsabers
* glow when saber is thrown or when it is on the floor
* blue glow when saber is thrown and reflects on the floor

even if you can tell me if these things are possible it would be of great help. im pretty sure i will be able to find the yellow and blue glows eventually but not sure about the other things

06-29-2002, 12:46 PM
well as for the different skins, simply copy the model files, and paste em in new directory under i dif name ie: trooper two.make a copy of the model for each skin, then pk3 it. the weaps and stuff are prolly hardcoded which would mean u couldnt change it in SP, and in MP ud have to edit the source code (i think with VC++??) anyhow, i dont really know much about that, its just my take on it, i might have it ass backwards, u should ask somone else hehe

06-29-2002, 01:51 PM

thanks for the help. this is a SP level at the moment. when you say that you copy the model file and then skin each one under a different directory, is it possible to then spawn these new models in SP?

i managed to get a custom npc spawned (with the saber in the butt) ages ago but now i cant seem to do it. ive added a reference in the npcs.cfg but i cant remember what else i have to do.


07-01-2002, 08:12 PM
If your making this for SP I suggest you wait until we get the SP SDK (if we actually get it) because this contains the code for the single player part of the game.

As for the weapon problem of replacing the bryar, you can't do it by changing the model - you have to change the code so that instead of the guy firing yellow lasers with your bo staff, he actually swings it like the light sabre.

This is just what I think...

07-02-2002, 02:24 AM
I agree. I don't think you will be able to remove all aspects of the lightsaber effects by approaching the problem from a graphics only viewpoint. I suspect that there are many behaviors that are controlled by the game code such as burns inflicted on the walls, etc. You may want to copy your post into the Coding forum as well to see if anyone there will give you some useful feedback.