View Full Version : Jk2 IRC Channel!

06-28-2002, 07:55 AM
Hey guys! i set up a irc channel for jk2. check it out! get mirc at www.mirc.com then install it then launch it. when connected, type in /server irc.undergroundcandy.net then when connected, type /join #GamersHangout please come check it out and stay too. talk about any game you want or just idle there! meet you there! talk about any game there! or ask for help!

06-28-2002, 07:58 AM
So...it's an irc channel for JK2, but you can talk about any game? ;) :D j/k

06-28-2002, 08:42 AM
everyone join man!!!!!!!!

Chewie Bakker
06-29-2002, 12:50 AM
Pedantic: Well the channel is called #GamersHangout :lol:

Do you get ops if you say you're from the LucasForums? :lol:

<sigh> One joke after the other...

:lol: (www.mirc.com) A little nonsense now and then is most cherished by the wisest men.