View Full Version : Need a few files

06-28-2002, 09:20 AM
I need a few files of CD1 since my cd is too scratched to read.

The whole install folder on CD1 and the YEAR3MUS.LAB in the GRIMDATA folder

MSN me at edited out

06-28-2002, 09:38 AM
Sorry, dude. No files besides savegames are legit for sharing on this forum. If your disks are that damaged you might be able to get a free replacement from the company.

06-28-2002, 02:50 PM
If it's only the front of the CD is scratched, a good CD repair kit will fix that up. The worse it's scratched, the longer it takes, but as long as you have a good-quality kit you can do it. Of course, if it's the label side is scratched, well thats the end of that. Try to get them replaced.

06-29-2002, 11:48 AM
Never mind, just bought a new copy for $10cdn. I've tried cd cleaning kits, the scratch is on the outside track of the cd. Either spend $20 on the repair kit of $10 on a new copy.

06-29-2002, 05:13 PM
I scratched up one of my CD's not long after I bought the game. After I repaired it with a very expensive CD repair kit (which I might add took a VERY long time) I made a copy of the CD's on my HDD using a VCD program and put the origional CD's away in a safe place. I then did a full install of the game from the VCD's and deleted the second one to save space. The whole process took about a half hour. My CD's can now stay in perfect condition, and all I need to do play the game is click the shortcut. If you have a large HDD I would reccomend you do this, you can download a VCD program for free.