View Full Version : Please Help Me!

06-28-2002, 10:32 AM
Alright, this has been driving me crazy, id appreciate some help. I made probably the best Senate map for Clone Campaigns, but when i test it some wierd stuff happens. It will work for 30 secs- 2 mins then the buildings and backround and units will change color into a pinkish-yellowish color then it will crash and bring me to desktop, but strangly the music will still be playing. Ive tried everything. Getting rid of triggers, certain units, etc. What I think it might be is my population(965/250) but im not sure. I spent countless hours working on this map. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!. I called Lucasarts Tech Support and they told me to come here. If you have experienced this problem, have an idea about what to do , or know how do fix it please reply to this. I'd appreciate it very much