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04-07-2000, 08:59 AM
Every time I do this mission, Colonel Veers is killed because I can't get to him in time. And the time I did get to him and got him evacuated, I didn't have enough troops or command points to assault the rebel base.
Can anyone give me any hints on how to do this mission or what I'm doing wrong?

04-07-2000, 07:05 PM
First get SOME TIE FIGHTERS from the Landing Bay and go to the site were VEERS is,then clear all the rebel troopers alon the way.when he asks for help send him to the site then have the tie fighters clear his path..IF YOU SEE ANY ENEMIE TROOPS stop VEERS and have your ties DEFEAT THEM.This will really get you some CAMMAND POINTS....... GOOD LUCK


04-07-2000, 10:29 PM
what i did was build 8 tie fighters and send them to veeres loacation and slowly sent probe droids ahead of my artillery and bombed the crap out of all the turrets and infantry and also buildings and tanks while they were protected by at-st and at-pt found the landing site and took 4 of the ties and protected it nw of landing site rebel troops kept comming down so i sent a few at's to the landing site and sent the 4 ties to wipe out the rebel troops save the game just before you get the general to the landing platform so you can reconfigure your troops for the next landing at hoth good luck

May The Force Be With You

04-10-2000, 12:33 PM
My strategy was a little different, but it worked. Since Veers died in my first two attempts (before I knew he was part of the mission), I knew where he'd be so I planned a small party of six AT-ST's to head out to his crash zone. While doing that I had a couple of mobile artillary, AT-PTs, AT-AAs, and AT-STs keep the rebels at bay North of your base. This way they didn't bother my rescue party. Never let the AT-ST rescue team stop to fight, just run it to Veers. It worked perfectly. They arrived just as he began crying for help. I never used TIEs in this mission, because I never bothered to read what forces would be available to me. Over all it worked so that's all that matters.

General Zhukov
04-10-2000, 05:53 PM
I usd a simple plan. It envolved 4 speeder bikes and 7 trropers. Once Veers appears, race ovr to get him. Your bikes should evade the rebels. Once you have him move him to your base until you are ready or you can go straight for the landing area. Once there, dismount everyone. Get Veers away from the tanks, and attack the tanks with your other men.

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