View Full Version : Changing Jedi and Reborn Models

06-28-2002, 01:38 PM
I know how to swap a model or skin for anyone in the game, but I haven't figured out how to change the individual Jedi and Reborn models.

For example, when I make Obi-Wan replace Jedi, it replaces the Jedi, but distorts Jedi2 and doesn't affect JediF. Same with the Reborn models.

Ive tried making a Jedi2 or JediF folder in the process, as well as RebornFencer, RebornBoss, etc..., but it doesn't work. I know it must be something easy because the Maul=Reborn SP Mod proves that. Anyone care to ellaborate?

06-29-2002, 12:11 AM
The problem is that all the reborn and jedi and jedi 2 use the same model, so sometimes when you try to change the skin on the reborns they don't fit well over the one model that is being used. One way around this, and I know its not a very good solution, but it works if you aren't particularly fond of some of the other minor models and skins in the game, is to replace another model, for instance Reelo or the Gran model with another model. Then inside the NPCS.CFG you can change the model used by say the Reborn Force User to the model used by the Gran.... so where it says


playermodel forceuser

replace that with

playermodel gran

And from then on your forceuser will be your Gran skin... or whatever you replaced the Gran skin with. Another thing to watch for is that in the NPCS.CFG on some of them, especially under the Reborn, there is a line that says "Customskin", just delete that line and things should work fine.

Thats what I've done with my game, its been completely changed. Now for my Jedi I have an Obi and Mace model.... and a space reserved for Yoda whenever he comes out. For my reborn I have two different Twilleks, two versions of Darth Maul, Darth Vader, and a Count Dooku model. Its a lot of fun, rather then playing with the same guys in multicolored robes.