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06-28-2002, 01:44 PM
I just came to tell you guys... that in Gamespy... there is a noob clan lurking about... yes a noob clan... called M0H (I call them Moogles of Horror but they call themselfes Men of Honnor SUCH A LIE!)

<[WeEd]> ok goodlcuk
<[WeEd]> uc
<_-FWF-Zip> hahaha
<_-FWF-Zip> noob M0H
<_-FWF-Zip> watch KRD come in and say I lost
<_-FWF-Zip> and forfeited
<_-FWF-Zip> how much do you want to bet?
<_-FWF-Zip> anyone
<_-FWF-Zip> KR-DReJ will come in
<Smackjabber> u won zip?
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> zip p[layed on a modded server, LOL
<_-FWF-Zip> saying I lost
<_-FWF-Zip> dude
<_-FWF-Zip> I didn't use the moves that were modded
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> zip p[layed on modded server, M0H plays in official patches only
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> no modded crap r u stupid?
<_-FWF-Zip> dude
<_-FWF-Zip> it was modded?
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> yup
<_-FWF-Zip> because you can't spin in bs
<_-FWF-Zip> and can't lunge
<_-FWF-Zip> that's ****ing easy to remove
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> doesnt matter, its noy official patch
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> LOL
<_-FWF-Zip> it wasn't a mod
<_-FWF-Zip> moron
<{Dark}Demon> lol
<_-FWF-Zip> demon
<_-FWF-Zip> I did bet right?
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> 1.03 unless raven releases another official patch
<_-FWF-Zip> what is he saying
<_-FWF-Zip> I lost
<[M0H]-GrimZone> u used deadly saber durr\]
<{Dark}Demon> yup, u did
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> didnt say u lose, said u played on modded server
<_-FWF-Zip> I didn't use the modded moves
<_-FWF-Zip> and plus
<_-FWF-Zip> how was I supposed to know
<[M0H]-KR-DreJ> we only play official patch servers, sorry zip

They've been doing this for a while, just wanted you guys to get that in your head (DON'T JOIN THEM!!!)

Oh yeah, and who says it's a "Deadly Saber" wtf is that?

oh one more thing... there are ways to remove BS spinning and Lunges in Mid Air, simple... god I'm just warning you guys... they lie a whole lot...

If you guys would like to see screenshots (of this amazing lie [THEY CAN'T ADMIT DEFEAT!!!!] IM me on aim at... ZipSim864 or email me at wasaug@yahoo.com)

oh yeah tell me what you guys think about them