View Full Version : man, I still can't win with the Empire.

Darth Prime
12-21-2000, 07:25 PM
I really, really, really, REALLY hate it when this happens. I still have the same problem: I do good until something happens and I lose. Has anyone here EVER beaten the Alliance?

12-21-2000, 11:38 PM
Yup, I've won with the Empire. I admit it was more difficult as well. Can you be more specific about what troubles you are having?

Darth Prime
12-21-2000, 11:42 PM
I have trouble having more forces than the Alliance. That and I can never find the Alliance Headqauters.

12-23-2000, 03:01 PM
Too many forces? Well pretty much my general strategy for being the empire was blockading, assaulting, and then using a team of diplomats to raise my public support. As for finding the alliance headquarters, use those assault transports to scour each system and eventually you will find it. Once you do blockade the planet. I had my Death Star blow it up.

Darth Prime
12-24-2000, 11:44 PM
I'v done won using the Alliance with a similar strategy you suggested. The Empire was in control of 1/5 of the galaxy, they had no fleets, orbital shipyards, construction yars, or trainig facilities. And I had around 500 ships.

12-26-2000, 01:26 AM
Alright well, just recruit asap and try to get your diplomasizing going on.

Darth Prime
12-27-2000, 02:33 AM
Another problem is that there are times that three or four worlds joins the enemy before I could ever get a chance to get to them.

12-28-2000, 02:00 AM
YUR PROBLEM!!!! I know how to fix it.

start a new game.

build a shipyard planet. have the droid do your mines and refineries. get all set up on the sesewenna sector first. You wanna have alot of ships guarding the place, and try to get full support on that sector. have a fleet of ships commanded by an admiral on each planet, also have a commander on each fleet, and a general on each planet. keep palpy home so you characters'll get better stuff. umm, have vader diplomating. have a training planet, have stormtroopers all over your planets. Build a fleet that you wanna take over a SECTOR with. make sure it's a huge fleet.
arm the fleet with a full compliment of tie interceptors. have stormtroopers be in every ship. Have Vader as the admiral. Also have about 5 other imps on the fleet.
Go after a small area guarded by the rebs (make sure you've probed the galaxy first!) oh, also have about 5 interdictor cruisers with you. blockade a rebel planet. Have 2 imps sabotage everything on it, well, except for the mines and refineries, 'cause you want to make the rebels send a fleet so you can destroy it (destroying a fleet will win you popular support on the planet you're blockading). when sabotaging, make sure you have one imp a decoy and the more combat experienced one the sabateur. Well, that's just your first step into taking over the galaxy, my friend! oh, i forgot, once the planet has been pacified (all the combating rebels taken off it by the sabateurs) you gotta take in some of your imperial commandos and uprise the place, that'll make one of those annoying diplomats come flying over and you'll ahve it trapped and destroyed, and captured by vader's fleet!!!
do not force the planet over to your side. just make the planet go into an uprising, and they'll like you, and then surrounding planets should be easy to take over. Remember to have a shipyard in each sector, also a garrison on each planet, and you wanna load the planets up with stormies too, so when you gottanother fleet prepared, you'll be ready to wipe another sector from the rebels!

Just play patiently, that's probably the ONLY way to beat this game. I've never actually beaten the game, but i've played it enough so that i know how to win, sometimes it's the patient part that annoys me though. the part i just told you about could take as long as a whole day to do, but it does work!

I hope my strategy is very useful to you.

12-29-2000, 11:07 PM
did ya win yet? Once i get the internet on my own computer, i'll have to find someone to play rebellion with...actually i'd ahve alot of games to play people against:

Jedi Knight
X-Wing Alliance

those are just star wars games, i'd go on and on and on if i had to put the whole list.

Darth Prime
12-30-2000, 09:47 PM
I haven't played rebellion in awhile, so no I haven't won yet.

12-31-2000, 01:47 AM
i won my first time tonight!!!! I captured luke at the end!!! It was so awesome!!! The ending rules!! I used the same strategy as above, excpet i just wiped out as much of their civilian stuff as possible if i couldn't take it over, it stopped their ship building and sabotaging for a while, then i started to take over a sector, and luke was in the same exact sector!!! The endig is pretty neat, i won't ruin it for ya though.

Darth Prime
01-02-2001, 02:40 AM
It's bad enought it took me a year to win with the Alliance. It may have to do due with the fact that I used to have a 2 speed cd-rom. So, thankfully, my dad replaced with a 48 speed, but the problem is my copy of the game takes up too much memory and it slows everything else down.

01-03-2001, 03:00 PM
i remember my 486 playing this game...it'd run, but not as well as i hoped it would. you need a faster computer, then you could see the awesome ship battles.

Pedro The Hutt
01-04-2001, 08:09 PM
Err... How much does Rebellion cost these days? I'm considering a purchase http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif! From what I read around here, it seems to be a pretty neat game. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif

I am your father.

01-05-2001, 12:41 PM
if you find it, you'll probably pay around $35 for it, 'cause it's in a 2-packer with Force Commander. I'd say it's worth it though, since you can't really find it anywhere else. if you can, just call the lucasarts number and order it from there.

01-10-2001, 06:02 PM
You can't win as the Empire? Assasination missions, assaination missions, assaination missions. Then sabotage sabotage sabotage. Just worry about controlling the sectors arround Coruscant. That's it. Then build big fleets and go kick some ass.

01-10-2001, 10:57 PM
Go to Amazon.com and buy it Pedro. I went there last night and the price was US$24.99. I'm gonna get it soon enough. I told this dude how long some Rebellion multiplayer games last(2-3 weeks sometimes) and he said a couple bad words about that. So I take it that it's very good. It sounds complex. But I know I want it. Is it as good as everyone says it is?

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Darth Prime
01-10-2001, 11:52 PM
That's another one of my problems, paulbarnard, I usually don't have enough resources to do so, even is I had a dozen shipyards at one planet, I still can't get construction to go fast enough.

01-11-2001, 12:34 PM
well, that's the reason why you have a construction yard planet! You also NEVER NEVER make the game speed go super fast, or else you'll lose. Keep it on very slow when you start out, once everything is being built, you should then send out your character guys to go and do some espionage, and their special abilities (like training troops, ship research, facility research). If you'd like to make this game easy, you could always go to www.swrebellion.net (http://www.swrebellion.net) and dload rebed, which is an editor, and you can edit tons of things, like if you start out with the death star etc. You can also make your own characters, and edit the existing ones with rebed.

Darth Prime
01-14-2001, 02:56 AM
If I do downloade this rebed you are talking about, could it be used to have more ships, for example more Imperial Star Destroyersand such?

Darth Prime
01-14-2001, 02:58 AM
If I do downloade this rebed you are talking about, could it be used to have more ships, for example more Imperial Star Destroyers and such? By which I mean having more forces to take control of enemy systems and things like that.

01-17-2001, 05:43 PM
The Bad Monkey's Hints to Rebellion (http://members.tripod.com/knight_watch_2000/kw_rebellionhints.html). Try that. I wrote it. It's the methods i used.

Don't use cheats or hacks. Beat the game by yourself knowing you did it. What you're probably doing is launching too many offensives.

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01-17-2001, 07:33 PM
yes and no. The rebed allows you to make modifications of ships, and get as many free ships as you want, as for newer ships, it only allows you to trade them. You can also modify the accuracy of the guns, and the price of anything. I gave myself like 18 free super star destroyers once, it was awesome! I agree with paul though, you should first beat it without rebed.

01-18-2001, 08:52 PM
I have won with the Empire many times; of course, I've been playing the game since it's release. It is admittedly tougher to win with them since they are inferior to the Rebellion in initial Personnel, the key to the first 1000 days. Here is a plan that has worked up to Expert Level in the Middle-sized galaxy.

The first thing the Empire needs to do is to get another diplomat. Palpatine and Vader alike should be sent to recruit. The available diplomats (Jerjerrod and Piett) should immediately begin to "diplomatize" -- on the planet they are on if support is not 100% (I've found getting your planets to full support seriously cuts the success rate of enemy missions), elsewhere if that does not concern you.
Next, check the manufacturing capabilities the Empire begins with. The immediate need is for Construction Yards. If there is one in the Sesswanna Sector, then demolish enough on it's system to build 5 Yards and 2 Shields, do 2 less yards if the yard is outside the sector. You should be able to eliminate extra refineries and mines without much damage to your "money" total. Start Shipyards moving with Fighters if you have one, or Fighters and a large project close to Coruscant such as an I-One or a pair of Carracks. Any troop facilities Probe Droids in any multiple of 10 (they only cost a buck, and you can cover an entire sector with 10).
Arrange Fleets to protect: 1) Coruscant, 2) Your developing Const. Yards, 3) Orbital Shipyards. You may only have enough ships to put a small fleet of weak Capitals around one, and diverting 6-8 Fighters to the other (even if they are some distance i.e. Sluis to Corellian) There should be a Star Destroyer and 8-12 fighters on Coruscant HINT* Fighters without hyperdrives that start planetside begin the battle deployed*

Assign remaining personnel to what they can do. Here is where you miss the Rebellion and the Falcon Effect. Some strange people can Facility Design (Villar, Thrawn, maybe Orlok - I can't remember) anyway, check their stats. Veers can Troop Develop, Lemelisk, if you're lucky enough to get him, is the best Ship Developer in the game, or at least he seems to be. OK. You're ready to speed the game up for about 5-10 days (game time) and let your people work. I have to go to class, so here's a summary of what I do later. Keep Vader recruiting until another diplomacy guy is recruited (Pellaeon, Thanas, and the fat guy, I can't remember his name...) Then get him "diplomacizing" as well. Overtake Sesswanna and either Sluis or Corellia targeting (hopefully through diplomacy) the most resource rich systems or most industrially capable. After a large bin of Const. Yards is done, build a big shipyard somewhere close to home (this is usually around 80-100 days. Keep in mind the Rebellion will use Hit and Fade Tactics, always bringing superior fighters, and laser cannon rich capital ships. the fighter ratio to defend is about 4 or 5 to 1. Good thing they're only 3 bucks. Immediate switch to Interceptors when they are created. Likewise to Defenders, if you have the money. Keep probing each sector systematically, replacing losses if needed. Try shooting a transport out to a scouted Outer Rim system that has a lot of open squares and building a 9-10 ship yard/ 2 shield facility? You can pump out I-Twos in 39 days, S's in 75-85. Keep your personnel busy, and don't hesitate to Espionage your own planets to uncover Rebel activity. Create one dominant Fleet to patrol each Sector, then, when you start populating the Outer Rim, allow the droid to develop resources (even though I put 2 shields on every planet that has more than five blue/white squares.) Try a personnel recall after you exhaust recruiting to ferret out any Jedis and get them trained (you won't believe the results they pump out!). Lastly, stay offensive. The advantage of the Empire is with their equipment and ships, so use that advantage. Put an Interdictor in every fleet. I like to place one over Coruscant and litter the planet with close to fifty Defenders ( this is aound Day 1000). Good luck, and May the Force be with You.

01-19-2001, 04:36 AM
I am now home, fresh from a night class exam, and I feel I left a few things out of the last reply, namely: taking planets, troop deployment, expansion, and other such small details. Here are some of my thoughts on these and other topics.

Seiges and Assaults

This aspect allows the player some liberty in strategy, and makes the game much more interesting. Surgical strikes against key ships and transports are Rebel tactics, but the Empire thrives to dominate it's opponents in all regards. Their ships have higher fore gun ratings than the Rebellion, and their larger docking bays allow attacking Imperial fleets to have a chance against Rebel fighter hives. Imperial Capital ships, namely V-IIs and I-IIs are relatively equal to 9600 Frigates and Dauntless Cruisers in head to head battle, so the key is support craft. A full complement of the most powerful available fighters is crucial for the Empire. Typically, during the early stages of the game (0-500), most battles are winnable with one I-One, 3-4 Carracks/Lancers, 2 Carriers, and 18 TIE Fighters. This comes out to 145 "dollars" at the most, the equivalent of 5 mines and 5 refineries (typically one Sesswanna system, so it's not all that much. Throw in six AT-AT (Army) Regiments for the invasion, and the grand total is 163 bucks. The idea to quickly overwhelming a sector is quick diplomacy. After solidifying all neutral systems within a sector, it is necessary to sabotage the snot out of all nearby Rebel systems. Commandos are only a buck apiece, and adding a Mercenary (non-officer) Character - good officers cannot be wasted - increases your chances for success. Vader supported by six or more decoys is a machine, wiping out shields, lasers, shipyards, etc. Early on, if Vader runs into Luke, chances are you have yourself a gift. Take him immediately to Coruscant so Palpatine can barbeque him (If Vader captures him, he does this automatically). Two of any shield is, in the words of Maximillian Veers, "strong enough to deflect any bombardment". Exception: Two GenCore I's are vunerable to a fleet turbolaser rating of 1000 or better (or so I've estimated, add fore ratings to calculate). Planetary lasers will destroy one ship per bombardment, and ion cannons will allow personnel to escape the planet during a bombardment or assault. The first goal is to destroy any LNR on the ground. Sometimes, the computer will stack six Mon Cal Regiments and a General planetside. in this case, missions directed towards lasers and shields will be thwarted. You must target the regiments to thin their numbers. Once the lasers are gone, go for a shield. If you have a respectable fleet in orbit (300-400 total turbo rating), the last shield will crumble, as will most to all the remaining regiments. ALWAYS assault with six troops. Any less will result in an uprising unless support is already high for the Empire.

Fighting Space Battles

After toying with several different strategies, I found the most effective way to handle the pesky Rebel forces is a triage system. The fighters should always handle their fighter counterparts, but since all Imperial fighters - minus Defenders - lack shields, the casualty rate is usually very high. Help alleviate this by assigning all ships with better laser cannon ratings than turbos to help with the Rebel fighters. This will usually leave 1-3 other capital ships to handle the big guns. Early on, the best the Rebellion can usually muster is a Mon Cal Star Cruiser flanked by one or two Nebulon-B Frigates, a ship that is another reason why it's easier to win with the Alliance. The Imperials have no comparable answer for the Nebulon-B which boasts the same shield strength as an I-One, a balanced array of weaponry and room for two fighter squadrons. The 35 dollar cost makes them a common sight in Rebel fleets, making them a frequent headache. This is why Espionage is such a big part of the Empire's attack stategy. The Empire must focus it's energies on the largest threat of each sector once the lines have been drawn. An I-One and a V-One together can easily defeat a single Mon Cal, or two Nebulon-Bs, so ensure victory by matching each Nebulon-B with a V-One (only 45 dollars), and each Mon Cal Cruiser with an I-One. During gameplay, a more viable way to achieve this may be to spread new ships evenly. Each fleet needs a flagship (ultimately an I-II or an S-Class), and Interdictor, and enough support ships to ensure enemy fighters are occupied. Common configurations for advanced fleets are: 1 S-Class, 2 V-IIs, 4 I-Ones, 6 Lancers, 2 Carracks, an Interdictor, and a full complement of fighters (918 dollars, or 18 mines and 18 refineries); one I-II, 3 Strike Cruisers, 6 Assault Transports, 2 V-Ones,6 Lancers, an Interdictor, and a full complement of fighters (794 dollars, 15 mines/refineries); or one S-Class, one I-II, two V-IIs, one I-One, two V-Ones, an Interdictor, 4 Lancers and fighters - for purists - (798 dollars, 16 mines/refineries)
The idea here is to protect against any surprises. The road to victory with the Empire is decidedly slow.


Seiging a Rebel-controlled system in uprising with a semi-solid fleet will result in many captures and increased popularity.

The key for the Imperial Fighters are numbers. Baron Fel isn't in theis game, and neither are the pilots of the 121st. These guys can't shoot very well, so be ready for constant fighter massacres.

When staring down a ridiculously strong Rebel fleet, try to destroy the transports first. if your ships are going to inevitably die, at least the Alliance won't be able to take your system.

I highly recommend protecting every planet you own with more than four squares with two shields. People have said I am overly cautious, but what is more efficient? 32 dollars per planet (2 shields - 14, 6 Army Regiments - 18), or having a lone bulk transport steal 300 bucks from under your nose while the calvary is out gallavanting around the other side of the universe?

Create a "Prison System". For irony's sake, I use Kessel if it has the squares. I build three Gen IIs, One Ion Cannon, appoint a Jedi General ( if available), 6-9 Dark trooper regiments, and 10-12 fighters to patrol. Espionage this system to prepare for any rescue or reconnaisance missions. Keep Luke, Mothma, and any Jedi on Coruscant, however. That system should always have the best general (Jedi if possible), at least two shields, and heavy ground and fighter defenses. Espionage missions on Coruscant should occur every ten days - I'm not kidding.

"Things I've Done for Fun" or "I have too much time on my hands"

Katana Fleet

If the Empire has a firm grip on 2/3 of the univers, this is financially feasible. The Katana Fleet was an Old Republic venture to chart beyond the Outer Rim. The fleet, which consisted of about 250 slave-rigged Dreadnaughts, encountered a hive virus and the crew beagn to die. To prevent the fleet from falling into the wrong hands, the last surviving crew members sent the fleet on an infinte amount of hyperspace jumps, thus losing the fleet for all time. Eight years after Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn recovered most of these warships, and used them against Coruscant and Bilbringi. The most Dreadnaughts I was able to develop was about 50 (approx. 1350 dollars) Once it's in effect, the Katana Fleet is absolutely unstoppable; it can rip apart Bulwarks in seconds.

Maw Installation

Admiral Daala commanded four I-Ones at the research facility at the Maw near Kessel. While there is not much practical use for this scenario, it's fun to see my C/O where she belongs.

Black Fleet Crisis

The Yevethans of the Koornacht Cluster commandeered an entire fleet of Star Destroyers during the rise of the New Republic. They proceeded to overtake the Cluster, and threatened the fledgling government with Incite Uprising missions. A large fleet of I-Ones and V-IIs can easily claim a Rebel Sector in Uprising. This scenario is for the mission-happy only.

Well, I hope these tips will help you crush the insignificant Rebellion. Man your ships, and May the Force be with You.

Darth Prime
01-23-2001, 11:40 PM
I'm not going to be playing Rebellion for a long time baecause it slows my computer down and causes some other problems. Until those are taken care of, I can't play Rebellion.

01-24-2001, 04:17 PM
dang. I have to agree with you though, i remember playing rebellion on my old 486, the 3d ship wars, they wouldn't go as smooth as i wanted, the game would rash every once in a while b4 saving, and then i got my pentium 3 and the game was awesome. Now i got Rogue Squadron 3D and will probably never play rebellion again...