View Full Version : return to ruul with the rebels

04-10-2000, 04:12 PM
Can anyone help me with the first real rebel mission where you have to rescue the two prisoners. I can rescue them, but then I get swamped by imperials and slaughtered. How do you beat this mission i have tried a dozen times.

05-23-2000, 11:05 PM
One thing that keeps happening to me is that my TR-MB stops! After a certain point, like rescuing Tulon, it just stops so all Imperial forces will converge on it.


05-24-2000, 12:02 AM
This is a difficult level. Here’s how to scrap through the level:
What I did was to basically recruit as many of the locals as possible. Order down some more transports. Make sure the TR-MB does not initially get damaged in any way.

Look for good areas where you can get the first prisoner and where you are not in the line of fire with the turrets. Get hold of the first prisoner. It's best to first send in the transports so that they attack it & not automatically kill off your troops. Put the prisoner into the transport. Use the grenades to kill the rest. It might be better to work out how to fast select units and its second ability.

Do the same for the main prisoner. You may be able to retreat and save some units? Go down through the valley. The first prisoner actually goes into one of the neutral buildings. Here you can order a couple more transports.

Next Order the rest of the group to attack the turrets on the left. As they are doing that then JUST MAKE A RUN FOR IT! Have any remaining units follow you. You will lose health fast.

Somehow I just made it with only about 10 health points! There is probably a much better way to do did, but this worked for me.

05-24-2000, 01:50 AM
I tried the tactic of capturing the command center, but I guess they have troops inside the turrets because they're still firing on me.

I think the right tactic would be to go after the first prisoner and then run like hell to another location to recruit more fighters.
Perhaps it might be a good idea to retreat from the second group and go back around them and cut down the road to the next road to the next groups of guerillas.

This level is pretty frustrating.