View Full Version : Anyone doing an EWOK?

06-29-2002, 07:03 AM
Is someone making an EWOK (i would but i have my hands tied right now)?

IF SO, make the model with all kinds of deselectable surfaces so someone could skin an entire tribes worth of variation from just 1 model. I guess it would be a mix between the yoda and the wookie, the ultimate model. and just think of all the cool sound clips you could use in the animsounds.cfg . and good news is that the MP size issue was solved (still needs tweeking, but none-the-less). Just think of all the cool clans, single player adventures, and MODs people could make with a universal ewok model!

just a thought. but thats what i would look for in a good ewok model. :cool:

:ewok: -yub yub