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06-29-2002, 08:41 AM

Im making a script that loads a force power configuration with a touch of a button instead of through the jk2 menu. I have run into a big stopper.

I turned on developer 1, and watched what the game did when i changed my force powers. One of them was it set the 'forcepowers' command to something liek this: '7-1-030333000030000333'. I understand what this means (the 0s are for level 0 force power and the 3s are for level 3). The problem is, i cant seem to change the forcepowers value to a different value in the console. I have tried it while dead and alive, and it doesnt make any difference (using set forcepowers 'blah blah'). Another thing i noticed is that there seem to be two commands called 'forcepowers' and they are both the exact same as far as i can tell. The only other way i can think to do this is load a *.fcf file (located in gamedata/base/forcecfg), but i dont know how to do this.


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Comn, help me!

Im not a newbie asking for help! This is a genuine non-newbie scripting question.

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06-29-2002, 10:38 AM
I'm sorry, but I can't help you with your problem... just starting to mod JKII either... but there must be some way to load the .fcf's in-game, maybe looking in the source code for it.

But what is that developer 1 you talk about? Is it some sort of program that rans besides JKII and you can really see what the game does when you do some action? If that is so, where can I download / get it?

Edit: Quick reading really sux... On the second thought, I think it's just some command you type into the console and then get stuff the engine does... or isn't it..?

Edit2: OK, I answer my own questions :p ... I just turned on developer 1, and all it says is "servercommand XX: tinfo X X X X X" with a lot of numbers, can anyone explain what those mean?

I know, this post may read a little weird, but one have to know that here it is 5am and I recently got home from a party and just wanted to check my e-mails, and I've got hooked up... :eek:

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06-29-2002, 11:27 AM
type developer 1 in console and it shows you every console command that the game executes. Type developer 0 to turn it off.