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05-07-2000, 06:49 PM

I'm new to this message board, I tend to go to GameDev.Net, I came here because I thought you were the perfect audience. Basically, I'm 15, I like Star Wars, and I like programming games. I am an ameteur, and cannot do 3D graphics, but I can program using DirectDraw and accomplish good 2D graphics.

If you have played Force Commander yet, you will probably agree with me in saying that there were things missing from it. So I propose that we make a new Force Commander clone. It would be limited to 2D, so we would need artists. We would also need people to make maps, and campaigns. I also think that it would be interesting to add space Real-Time Strategy elements to it, in which you command star fighters and such.

Also, as well as artists, we would need unit designers to write unit descriptions and make them behave realistically. There are of course many more elements, but I can write tools to assist you in all of these areas. I already have quite a versatile 2D engine, so if anybody is interested, please reply.

I await your response.

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