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04-11-2000, 02:27 AM
HOW DO I REACH THE Renegade AT-AT in time, cause I get my arse thwarted by Speeders,ywings and tanks before my units can reach it, plus the TR-MB also bites the dust.
Give me strats or anything to finish this level and long live the Empire!

04-11-2000, 07:56 AM
OK, so this level gave me a major headache for quite a while, until I had a breakthrough. The key word is WAYPOINTS! My problems started when I tried moving my units off of the hill and they got all bunched up and confused and couldn't hope to catch up with the AT-AT. Here's how I did it:
Wait to leave the hill. buy at least 6 AT-AA's right off the bat, and keep them near your TR-MB. Then just sit back and let the CP's come in! They'll keep sending wave after wave of Y-wings, which you should be able to knock out before they even drop a bomb. Keep building your forces until you have at least 8 (10 is better) AT-AA's and 5 AT-AT's. You needn't worry about your smaller walkers (if they're still alive) until you destroy the renegade, so keep them out of the way somewhere on the hill so they won't slow down your -AT's and -AA's. Bring down one walker, using detailed waypoints along a clear path, first- followed very closely by a group of 4+ -AA's (also directed by a set of waypoints). Follow this with your TR-MB, and make all of these orders before the first walker gets down and the computer takes control of the camera etc.. Follow this crew with your remaining -AT's and -AA's.
Once you're down, get that first AT moving! This will be your killer, so it is essential that you guard it well from air attacks (the others won't make it in time), and give it an efficient, clear path. Let the rest of your walkers take care of the rebels in the town area and provide cover for your killer, and leave some AA's to guard them. Replace any losses ASAP, especially AA's as they really are the key to this level. Once the renegade is in range of your first walker, smear him with your chin gun- it'll only take one shot. Then you'll have to go in and take the base. Keep a good AA complement and invest in some artillery- they've got a lot of guns. Keep using chin guns liberally, too. And try this- get some stormtroopers in and take (both) shield generators- they'll start to work on your units!

Good luck!!!

04-11-2000, 08:15 AM
Oh yeah, I saw your post about the crashing issues... Are any programs running in the background? Try bringing up the close program box (ctrl+alt+delete) before starting the game and closing down EVERYTHING except explorer and the standard .dll programs with gibberish names like Rnaapp and Dmhkey etc. Especially shut down any internet connection manager and antivirus programs, and anything that runs in the system tray (bottom right by the clock). And you can tweak settings for the game graphics both in and out of the game- make sure MIP mapping is off- I turned this thing on once (twice just to be sure) and crashed instantly each time.
Hopefully this will help- you have a much hotter machine than I, and it runs (mostly) great on my machine if I go through this standard ritual everytime. By the way, I'm running an AMD k6-2 500, 80 MB RAM, and a jive-turkey Diamond Viper V330 8MB (Bleah! I hope to have a Voodoo3 3000 soon)

Hope it helps...

04-12-2000, 12:03 AM
Hey Early24,
Thankx for the help, but i've already known to close all programs and TSR's wutever.Only thing i cant close is Task Sceduler and other than that, i've already set all the display options to my specs. Still my game crashes a few times, and only once in a while does it play smoothly. Well, hope LucasArts comes up with an update soon.

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04-12-2000, 02:10 AM
Sorry, you never can be too sure what people have and haven't tried. Ah well. How is the level coming? The next one is a hoot...