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05-10-2000, 07:28 PM
Ok, since it seems like no one wants to talk strategy, I'll just have to shove some in myself......

Ok, it seems like no one really talks about artillery units, even though they are one of the most useful unit types in the game. I'd love to hear some strategies for using them (see my entry for the Sarapin II conversation).

One good use for your artillery units is as defenses for your base.....Instead of keeping all of your highly mobile units tied up keeping the rebels at bay, just plunk down 3 or 4 mobile artillery pieces around the base, and when the rebs come knockin, they get pasted with proton rounds....This is esp. effective when there's a lot of rebel troop activity in the area, since as I'm sure you've all figured out by now, artillery can be murder on your troops.

Well, hopefully I'll hear some more on this subject......

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Ketch's fleas
05-11-2000, 03:29 AM
Here is a good offensive use. With the use of a probe droid you can set up and pound away with your artillery with low risk to your units. Just set up, fire, pack up, redeploy farther up. Works even better with heavy artillery.

05-11-2000, 09:06 AM
With the rebels you have access to the better still "point scan" of the scanner jammers blast that away and then pound with the "homing missiles" of the attack tank or the proton torpedo launchers.