View Full Version : Anyone No Another Good Site For Me?!?!?

06-29-2002, 08:20 PM
can anyone tell me a good site for models maps and skins etc bcos there is simply too many things missing from the all mighty www.jedinightII.net and plzzz dont say gamespy cos that is the biggest pile of crap i have ever seen ive more chance of finding a pin in a hay stack than finding wot i want on that site!and if not can sumone plz tell me how to use gamespy properly bcos that siter has far too many files and they dont set them out all nice and pretty and add pictures like www.jediknightII.net :D
so plz can anyone reply bcos im really looking for that model of the dancer who is chained to Jabba in ROTJ who falls into that big monsters cave thingy (u no in jabbas palace, right towards the end of that lil song they do on the special edition version).As in the girl who is blue and has 2 big dangley things :D lol
thank uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!