View Full Version : getting SURFOFF to work in SP with player!!!

06-30-2002, 05:43 AM
Hey all,

I made a little MOD to allow myself to play as Jan in Single Player, and it works. No problem. However, I then tried to remove her goggles and vest, and that's where my headaches begin!

As I'm sure many of you who have tried this sort of modification are aware, the stupid SURFOFF command doesn't seem to wanna work for only YOUR player model in the game! for example, in the NPCS.CFG of my MOD, I changed Jan like this:

fullName "Ors, Jan"
playerModel jan
surfOff "torso_vest hips_chaps torso_computer head_goggles torso_comp hips_belt"
surfOn "torso_augment_off hips_augment_off hips_torso_off"
rank lt

And it works great for Jan, no problem. Now, when I mod Kyle to change him to Jan, I did everything I had to (replaced his model.glm and model_default.skin) and in the NPCS.CFG, I changed his playermodel to Jan, in BOTH "Munro" and "Kyle" characters, and again added the SURFOFF commands to remove goggles & vest & accessories, like this:

Make MP skins with different surfaces on/off (fixed link)