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Lord Malice
04-13-2000, 01:34 PM
I need major help on the Massacre of Abridon Pt. 1

I have a small force of three AT-ST's, an AT-AT, one AT-AA, squad of stormtroopers, and a mobile artllery.

My force is killed so easily and I can't figure out why they are killed so quickly to a small force. HELP!!!!

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General Zhukov
04-13-2000, 02:48 PM
First: take over the Imperial base.
Second: Start bringing down reinforcement and turrets to protect your base. The rebels will constantly attack you, which if you've positioned your troops and turrets right you will gain cp's very quickly.
Third: As soon as you have a decent sized force, attack the rebels. You will probably lose, but this will put the rebels on the defensive and stop their attacks.
Fourth: go for your other objectives. try taking out the rebel base with some mobile artillery.
Good Luck

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04-13-2000, 04:19 PM
Ok i finished this level just yesterday and this is how i did it. (LONG BUT DETAILED)

1: get the imperial base back, this is a definate first,
2: as soon as you get the base set out a skirmish line with your remaining troops and AT's, keep the AA in the rear to defend against air attack.
3: order the 2 building needed for turrets
4: order 2 anti-vehicle turrets and order losts of troopers, enought to garrison everything including the turrets
5: if you have the troops take over the hospital, and order down at least 1 AA turret
6: you will have been attacked many times by now, order AT's as fast as possible, also 2+ artillery really helps.
7: when you have artiller make sure all of your AT's and skirmishing troops are on guard stance or they are likely to walk into friendly fir from your guns (there not too bright).
8: order your air centre and landing pad and get 3-4 ties in on defensive stance so they defend your base in an attack. Don't bother with bombers now.
9: by this time all of my orginal force had been declared KIA, but my turrets were holding the reb's well, get more AT-St's the AT-AT's are too expensive for the value
now use either a probot or a lone tie to scout out the area, areond your base
10. too the upper right of the map there is troops, 2 tanks and 2 hover tanks, use ties to take them out.
Tactic, strafe the units one at a time at longe range, set the unit on guard stance, and set a patrol side to side just out of range of the hover tanks so they shoot but miss.
11. once the tanks are out of action build up a full tie force of 10 ties, mostly fighter 8:2 ratio
12: take out the hover tanks at the top.
13: the offensive, first bombard to take out the enemy shield generator and airfield
take you At' units up the side of the map where you started, there is an outcropping there, you may have scouted out and seen a rebel base, you want to be on the other side of the hill as it, (the right side). force a skirmish line at the point of the hill to intercept any ground units that come around the bend. now take all your artillery (i had 3 and place it on the side of the hill, bring up 2-3 AA's and put then near the artiller to defend them, I brought up a shield generator too
14: bring up 1 probot, and all your ties, put all the ties over your artillery in guard stance to help defend against enemy air, the airfield id right beside you remember.
15 use one lone tie or probot to scout the enemy base, have it so that as it loops the base/shield generator is only revealed when it loops near and then disappears, the artiller if close enough will start to bombard the shield generator of the turret placements (waste the generator first)
16: destroy any air attaks that come your way, if your scout fighter is getting hit, pull it back a little or replace it with a fresh one.
17: i destoyed everything but the base for not, i captured it, it give you continuious CP's. Destroy it just before you take the mound hitting the delete key
18: not just move up the trail in skirmish order, you can now order an AT-AT i just had one. move up you AT-st and Pt's in line with your artiller behind and have arty take out anything in front of you, keep the AT-AT just behind the skirmish line, and move the shield disabler and AA's as you feel nessesary forward
19: take out all the turret in the guarder and then carptuer the mound, lots of turrets around it, but just use good old arty
tips:scout ahead with probots and ties the whole way around, it's a sort of fish hook monuover, destroy all that you can with artiller and fighters, don't engage with AT's unless nessesary or they charge you. every enemy bulding if full so send as many troops in as you can. Whipe them out, they start by kicking your ass but you will get the last laugh over all there dead rebel bodies, the ending of this mission is rather comical too, enjoy


wow that was long.


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