View Full Version : @home cable users READ THIS, ITS IMPORTANT

hi Im mad
04-18-2001, 03:12 PM
Hello, I have just discovered that @home is doing something called "Power users soluion" Were they will switch @home users over to @work if they want to have more bandwidth, host a server, or are just sick of the upload cap. They are debating as to weather or not to do this, and they are going by however many people call. If you live in Roanoke VA, or somewere close by (15-20 min) then call 777-7373 and speak with Nancy Landley. If she is not there LEAVE A MESSAGE with here voice mail, she WILL call back. Anyway, tell here that you are interested in the "power users solution project", and she will probably ask you some questions like your name and stuff, but anyway, after you do this, tell as many people as you can, as @home will ONLY do this if enough people are interested, and I dont know about all of you, but Im sick of the upload cap slowing me down! And if you dont live in Roanoke VA, then call your local @home provider, and aske them about it, they probably have the same deal, as people all over the states have been complaining about this upload cap as they have heard about it.

04-18-2001, 06:01 PM
and what has this to do with Battlegrounds and Real-Time Strategy?!