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06-30-2002, 09:54 AM
you will have to wait a little for the yoda model now but hen it will be out you will have it in the proper size whth this mod !

This is a new version of my mod .
it features all the previous options :
-saber colr with rgb parameters
-extended blade feature (slower when the blade is extended..)
-second color for the double bladed saber or when the blade is extended.
-bots may have double bladed and extended sabers.(with custom colors too)

AND the model scaling.
The server has a file tckmodel.cfg
and must configure it allow model scaling.
(a few examples are provided)
The LIMITS are 0.5 of the size to 1.5 !

Installation :
extract the zip in the GAMEDATA folder.

Execution :
run the start.bat provided in the GameData\tck directory or create a shortcup to jk2mp.exe and add these parameters
+set fs_game tck +set vm_game 0

don't forget the vm_game 0.

the mod is open source and i'd be glad if someone can continue the mod during the summer (fix bugs if they are any...)
I won't be able to code during two months and i wanted to have the mod functional before leaving.
Current issue : the mod uses a dll instead of a qvm.
I don't know why but the qvm have a messy code and the saber collision is screwed when the qvm is loaded (but the dll works fine !).
If someone could fix it it would be great !
(i didn't have time to do it myself :( )

Well i hope you will like it !
I hope they are not too many bugs :rolleyes:

i'll try to come back to the forums sometime but
Have a nice summer everyone !

TCK MOD + SCALING MODELS (http://mbalch.free.fr/lastversion/tckmodg2.zip)

SOURCE CODE (http://mbalch.free.fr/source/gamma2.zip)

:jawa :yoda: :jawa

May The Force Be With You !

PS : if someone could make a jawa model now that would kick 4$$ !