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Cracker Jackson
04-13-2000, 05:25 PM
when i first played escape from kalan it was directly after i played the mission before it and i was able to call upon all the rebal units (and even the buildings) and i went on the complete that mission and the next one then i saved went to class came back loaded the game and wasnot able to use all the units only some of them. this happen to anyone else? i just thought it was odd.

Francois PERROUX
04-18-2000, 10:30 AM
Happened to me too when I started Mission 8 (The Trap at Yavin IV), although I finished the previous mission with 5000 cmd pts and many many troops.
... in the meantime, I partially replayed this mission (Mission 7), just for practising alternate strategies. I replayed it from some "saved" missions, and didn't finish it. In fact, since I was practising, I didn't pay attention in making it better than the first time.

Well, in any case, when I started Mission 8, I couldn't find all the troops I had before.

This is not a great help, but at least you're not alone...

(sorry being late in the mission progress; the game has just been released 2 weeks ago in France)

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