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Norin Radd
06-30-2002, 01:23 PM
that Galaxies will not start off that well. I remember when World War II Online came out(I was a beta tester), and it was a disaster for months after the release. I hope that Lucasarts is preparing itself for the influx of players and will not have to make apologies and excuses when Galaxies launches.:D

Other than that, this game should be a new standard for other MMORPG's.:D

06-30-2002, 06:25 PM
Hmmm... since you post this in our PA section, I guess you want to know what we think about it.

Well, things that can go wrong.

A) The 'not prepared server and coding', a.k.a the Anarchy Online problem: The team is not prepared for the amount of players. The code can't really handle it. Though, there is one advantage here; this is a problem which you get in games with one universal server. Knowing how much it has to handle is almost impossible, therefor we get bad releases such as Anarchy Online and WW2 online, which takes months of patches to fix. Why is this not such a big deal? Because SWG won't have one universal server.

B) The 'hey, let's take half of the promised functions and some ****ty code, put it in a box and sell it'-syndrome: I guess this is what you refer to by mentioning WW2 online. Again, the advantage here is that the devs of SWG even now, quite a few months before the release, tells the community which features they have problems with, and which they believe will have to wait until after the initial release. If we are told what won't work, it's ok. No mmorpg works perfectly at release. Ever. There is always a million bugs and unbalanced skills etc. It's when they promise things that are not there that it is a problem.

So yes, SWG might suck. Hey, it's a game: some games just ain't fun. But I don't think there is such a big danger that it will be a shoddy game. At least not the comparison to WW2Online.

Gaelin Masek
07-02-2002, 04:04 PM
Even the shots I have seen of WW2 Online today look pretty lame to me, although I'm sure its not bad. Not for the faint of heart though I would imagine...

The Galaxies Devs. have already pretty much told us everything we can expect in the release and in other expansions.

I think judging by the size of the community, they will know how many players to cater for.

I'm not gonna be so arrogant as to say "It WILL be good!", because there is always a chance...