View Full Version : how do i destroy the traps at surprise at endor?

04-19-2001, 03:14 PM
The guide at ign says when the cursor turns yellow, there's a trap to destroy, i'm only getting yellow when cursor is placed over ewok village.

04-19-2001, 06:31 PM
I don't know about it turning yellow - mine turned into some sort of targeting cursor when I played that level about a month ago. It's definitely a change in cursor though. There have been reports about people's cursor not changing and then can't find the traps. If that's the case with you, let me know and I'll drudge up some research.

Pedro The Hutt
04-19-2001, 07:57 PM
I believe this question was asked before here... wait, let me dive into the huge archive that is known as JK.NET! http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif

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alright, the topic you need is: Is anyone here? *echoed* http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif I read the advice in a guide once, let's hope that they are right...

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04-19-2001, 10:53 PM
next time i try the level i'll see if it the cursor changes.

04-20-2001, 04:15 AM
Use your troops on foot and kill the things from the hill sides. This increases the life of your vehicles and allows them to destroy the villages (which are just buildings).