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06-30-2002, 09:57 PM
[Sign on wall just as you enter 'The All Nighter's Fight Club']

The All Nighter's Fight Club is a club where beings of all sorts can come to fight legally. The club has rules and all rules must be followed. Anyone that breaks the rules of the club will be dealt with.

The Rules:

1. Everyone fights the first time.
2. A challenge must be accepted.
3. A fight does not stop until a fighter says "Stop". If a fighter says "Stop" then their opponent wins the fight.
4. Everyone fights at their own risk.
5. Any form/style of fighting is permitted.
6. No weapons, forces or armor are to be used during a fight.
7. If someone fights without leaving after their previous fight, then they must leave the club before they can fight again.
8. The only fights permitted are those officially organised.
9. All fights are to be in the designated fighting areas.
10. Upon entering the club, all faction status is considered void.
11. The Club Workers can only fight at the managers consent.
12. Women are not permitted to fight but are allowed within the club.


--------------------------------[Extra Information]--------------------------------

When someone enters, they are scanned into the security computers. This way security can keep a track of everyone in the club. They are also searched and any weapons are to be left at the counter box.

Prizes will go to the winners of each major fight.

Bets are currently not legal within the club but in the future it may be a possibility, depending on if it can be arranged in a way that it will work.

Bobo Fart
06-30-2002, 10:59 PM
Fistil enters the Fight Club and sign's his name on the wall. Then he takes a look around at the other fighters around in the Club and notices there are not many that compare to his size. Fistil walks over to a large wookie hoping for a challenge

Fistil Wanna take around in the ring with me?

The wookie roars as it nods its head

The Two enter the Ring. The Weequay and The Wookie. The Wookie takes aswing at Fistil but fistil dodges it then throws a fewpunchs in the gut then kicks in the shin and swings at the wookies face, sucesfully getting each and every punch in. The wookie did not fall and stood tall the picked up Fistil and slammed him into the ground then stepped on him several times and knocked him out


Fistil regained concius and lay there in pain, then got up on hisfeet and went back to the bar for a drink

07-01-2002, 08:18 AM
OOC: Bobo Fart!!!!!! Read all of the thread before you post. I'm starting to get a little tired of posts that don't quite fit. For starters a fight must be organised. Secondly, your the only one in the fight club at the moment. And also a fight does not finish if someone is knocked out, also the fight is not run by a Referee. Let me fully introduce the club and show how some fights start out before you post. The fights arent necessarily in a ring too.

IC: The Boss hears some slamming going on down stairs. He looks over the railing, sees a Wookie and Weequay going at it. "Grrrr! What are they doin there? No fights have been organised yet! Get them outta here!" "Yes Boss, one of his workers replies. The worker rushes down stairs to where the two fighters are. Two other workers grab the unconscious Weequay and dragged him off and up out the door. Another four workers jump down so that there are now five workers surrounding the Wookie. One of them steps forward.

"You have broken the rules of the club. You have fought in an unorganised fight. Your punishment is that you are banned from The All Nighter's Fight Club. Now please leave quietly and quickly". The worker instructs.

The Wookie makes a loud grunt and shakes its head. "Get him boys", the worker commands. The five workers jump on the Wookie, all shocking it with their stun batons. Now unconscious, the workers drag the Wookie off and out of the club.

Bobo Fart
07-02-2002, 10:26 AM
OOC:I DID READIT i just didnt get it:p soz! and about the refreedeciding who wins you didnt explain that!

IC: Second fight club i got kicked out of!