View Full Version : Making Sky Shaders

07-01-2002, 12:39 AM
How do you go about making new sky shaders?:confused:

07-01-2002, 03:30 AM
The easiest way is to edit and make your own.

The second easiest way is to read the shader guide at http://www.heppler.com/shader/

Anyway, skies are just shaders. In order for the engine to treat it as a sky you have to include "surfaceparm sky" when making the shader. (I don't use the shader editor, but that probably adds some ease to making them.

In most cases you'll want to have a skybox (a collection of 6 images for each side of a "box" that is projected where the sky brushes are), but I myself don't use skyboxes, too hard to make. Heh. So I just make simple skies.

Here's a sample sky:

qer_editorimage textures/path/qerpic
surfaceparm sky
surfaceparm noimpact
map textures/path/skypic
tcMod scroll 0.03 0.03
tcMod scale 3 3

qer_editorimage - what pic will be used in the editor.

surfaceparm sky - is what makes it a sky :)
surfaceparm noimpact - makes it so nothing hits the sky, blasts will go through it.

tcMod scroll - scrolling horizontal/vertical speeds
tcMod scale - the size stretching of the image in hieght/width

Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't. ^^