View Full Version : Why don't people read the manual???

04-14-2000, 09:18 PM
Why do all the players or at least many of them posting on these forums ask questions that could simply be answered by reading the manual or following the lessons in the tutorial missions??? things like how do i lay comm sats, how do i find this or that?? Do they want us to play the missions for them or what?? If you can't find something just look for it, i have not been stuck on a mission yet, just had to take my forces to the right places, and have enough firepower when i got there. Please do not waste our time asking questions about how to use the engine all the answers are in the manual, if it's about playability or real problems or strategy idea's feel free ot post and ask questions but i don't like doing all this work for you guys anymore. (anyone remeber the many post on how do i capture building?) please read the manual to solve this, don't ask me to tell you anymore. Take some responsibility yourselves. I don't mean to bash people, but i find questions like these redundant and lazy.



You are only half as smart as you think I am

04-14-2000, 10:01 PM
You're making a bad assumption...

...that they *have* the manual. :^)

Of course, if they had paid attention to their "lessons", they'd figure that out, too.

04-15-2000, 04:15 PM
Wow, Maryjane, for someone whose time is so valuable, you sure must've spent a lot of time writing that post... Lighten up, man. If you come across a post that can be you think you shouldn't have to answer, um, don't answer it! A-HA