View Full Version : server disconnected help

07-01-2002, 06:44 PM
howdy all got a bit of a problem with multiplayer every time i try and connect to a server i always get the message 'server disconnected' this happens straight away i get a tiny glimpse of the action then nothin. any help would be appreciated.
cheers. also low pings i'm running a regular 56k but i dont think this is the prob

07-01-2002, 07:15 PM
It can easily be one of four problems:

1) You aren't running the current patch. Please hit the files section here or on the official site for the patch to 1.03.
2) You are one of the victims of the dreaded CL_ParsePacket: Entities error. Not sure if there's really a way to fix this, but I do know that it's caused by a server error as it relates to certain clients.
3) It's the modem. Many, many servers have a function enabled that limits players to having a ping of x amount. Since you have 56k, that makes it very easy for your client to be booted from the server automatically via the "This server is for low pings only" error.
4) As a last resort, if you are running a router or personal firewall, these can easily be the culprit(s). Try disabling firewalls only as a last resort, however - it makes you vulnerable to hackers.

Good luck. :)

Merc out. :fett: